Ron Paul’s response to the ATF shutting down firearms industry

In my quest to see where the Presidential candidates stand on the ATF's agenda of shutting down the firearms industry, I have learned that Mitt Romney would dodge the question and give us the new term Extreme Weapons.

A friend of John McCain's early on, who was also a customer of ours asked for information on behalf of the Senator. Which I was hopeful of, but months went by and there was no follow up.

My question to Congressman Ron Paul in contrast was answered directly (not a form letter) from his Regional Campaign Coordinator, it was to the point and the response was in less than 10 minutes.

I was impressed to hear about his showing at SAF's Gun Rights Policy Conference but wanted to nail down his official response on the ATF's Back Door Attacks on our Second Amendment:


Thank you for contacting the campaign.

There is no stronger defender of the second amendment in congress than Congressman Paul. He has a 100% rating from the NRA and an A+ rating from the GOA.

Given his position on the second amendment and belief in small, limited, constitutional government, that is government operating according to the word of the constitution, law-abiding businessmen should be able to operate free of federal agency harassment and interference in their business.

Under a Paul administration, the executive branch would not exceed the powers granted to it in Article II of the constitution. While operating in the model, he would not be able to unilaterally overturn legislation, he would be able to exercise his constitutional authority to reign in the executive branch agencies, the same ones you mention that harass legitimate businessmen.

Best Regards

Jeff Greenspan

Regional Campaign Coordinator

Ron Paul 2008