Senator Craig’s response to the ATF assault on Red’s

Many have asked what the response has been like from some of our Senators and Representatives regarding the ATF's actions. Most have been curious as to the reaction of Senator Larry Craig, who also serves on the Board of Directors for the NRA and also is well aware of the past actions of the ATF in Idaho with the murder of Vicki and Sammy Weaver at Ruby Ridge; which our Judge presided over. Senator Craig was also the one who sought answers when ATF D.I.O. Richard Van Loan refused to allow our competitor Blue Lakes Sporting Goods an appeal, after he revoked their license. The attached letter was sent to one of our supporters prior to the ordeal that Craig is currently in, I am still in contact with his staff who follow our fight. In the letter Craig promises to remain active on this issue, Please contact him and encourage him to continue to do so. If you have written your Congressional Delegates regarding the ATF Shutting down Firearms Manufacturers and Dealers or opposing ATF Acting Director Michael J. Sullivan's confirmation; I encourage you to post their responses.