Stand Up and Fight Back; Bloomberg will think you’re sick

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey; I'm no therapist but it seems like you are an ATF wannabe by bankrupting businesses, setting up sting operations and wasting millions in tax money to prove your point. Reading about Jay Wallace with Adventure Outdoors, who is fighting back, is an inspiration that someone isn't just rolling over. You will remember the Virginia Citizens Defense League who had helped dealers fight back. Bloombergs response to those who fight back? "These are sick people" Mikey, Mikey, Mikey; again I am no therapist but fighting for your rights is not sick, destroying someones life and business for your own political gain…now that is sick. When our fight first went public, a store that Bloomberg was suing contacted me and told me of how they were going under. They had spent over $100,000 so far and there was no end in sight. That sounds coldly familiar. I have contacted our Attorney General stating that I am opposed to anti-gun zealots marching into our state; attacking honest businesses to further their own political agenda. I hope that you do the same and I hope that you will also support Adventure Outdoors who is not only fighting for their business but is fighting for your rights as well. Thanks to The War on Guns for posting on this.