Stop the Gun Ban – Join The Coalition!

The Firearms Coalition is, as the name implies, a coalition of groups and individuals concerned about our right to arms.  Our coalition represents thousands of gun clubs, grass roots organizations, and individual activists, but we need more.  Recently we teamed up with a number of gun rights leaders from around the country to form a new, even larger coalition, one dedicated to a single goal: Stopping the growing tsunami of anti-rights legislation and regulation building in Washington, DC. 

Our position is simple:  Just Say No.  No to any gun ban.  No to any restrictions or bans on magazines.  No to registration.  No to government intrusion into personal transactions between private individuals.  No to any and all forms of additional gun control – no matter what any other national or local organizations might say or do.  No new gun laws.  No compromise.  No way.

If you agree with this position, we need your voice added to our coalition.  If you belong to a gun club, state association, grassroots organization, church, business, or family that agrees with this position, we need their voices added to our efforts as well.

All you have to do is register on this site!

So far the NRA has taken a solid stand, and we support them in that.  Unfortunately, the NRA has a history of making compromises and backing down.  Part of our purpose is to stiffen the spines of the NRA’s leadership and to avoid that kind of breakdown.   The NRA officially represents some 4 million gun owners (and growing).  A strong, independent, outside coalition representing citizens committed to the right to keep and bear arms, including members of the NRA, can beat back any attempt to infringe on our rights, even if the NRA decides to make concessions. 

True compromise means that each side gives up something they have in order to get something they want.  They want our guns.  But they have nothing to offer us in return.  They want our rights.  But we won’t surrender our rights. 

Compromising rights means agreeing to surrender less than originally proposed.  The anti-rights crowd in Washington wants to cut off our legs.  A “compromise” means they would “just” cut off a foot.  Any compromise of rights still means amputation, just amputation of a little less.  And based on history, we know they’ll come back for the rest of the leg.  The history of the great American Gun Rights War shows that the other side can only get what we give without a fight. 

We say they have no right to our legs, or one leg, or even one solitary toe.  We will not compromise.  We will not capitulate.  We will not give one single inch.

If you agree, join The Firearms Coalition as we, along with the member organizations of the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban, take that message to Congress, the press, and to the NRA.  Join our effort to try and inject some backbone into squirming politicians and put a solid wall in front of wheedling bureaucrats.

There is no cost and no obligation beyond a commitment to stand firm against any and all encroachment on our right to arms.  Simply register with your name, email address, and zip code, and we’ll keep you informed and keep congress’ ears ringing with your demands. 

Better yet, we need your gun club, state organization, your business, fraternal organization, even your family to be a part of The Coalition.  Challenge the leaders, the board of directors, the managers, put it up for a vote of the membership.  Ask them if they’re willing to sit on the sidelines and watch their rights undermined a little piece at a time, or in one fell swoop.  Encourage them to be part of the front line in the fight for liberty.  Ask them to become a part of The Firearms Coalition.

Again, all it takes is a moment to register on the site and an unyielding commitment to the Second Amendment.  An additional piece of helpful information we ask for is a ballpark number of members in the group – whether it’s 4 members in your family or 40,000 members in your state association – so we can give the politicians an idea of how many people we’re representing.  

Time is running out.  New attacks on our rights are already being launched in Congress, and the assault is only going to get worse in the coming weeks, months, and years.  We need every voice we can find to make the message absolutely unequivocal.  No new gun laws.  No compromise.  Not now – not ever. 

We can only accomplish our ultimate goal of a fully respected Second Amendment by building our coalition to a size so overwhelming that no politician dares to challenge us.  That means we need you, your family, your business, and especially your club, group, or organization to be a part of our coalition so we can add your voices to our demands. 

Join The Firearms Coalition today.  Register on this site.  Let your voice be heard!