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Appleseed: Purpose Driven Riflery

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Appleseed:  Purpose Driven Riflery


By Chris Knox


(October 22, 2007)  The Appleseed Project came to Phoenix this October.  It was my privilege to strap into a hard-kicking .30-’06 bolt gun, lay down on a concrete floor, and, fire well over 200 rounds into the teeth of an Arizona sandstorm.  It was among the most intense educational experiences of my life.  By the end of the day, despite the tough conditions, I knew that my shooting had improved, but more important, I had a new perspective on what it means to shoot a rifle. 

The Appleseed Project, a grassroots idea that seemingly came out of nowhere, has quietly grown nationwide and yet has stayed beneath the radar of the established shooting world.  Behind it is a club with the unlikely title Revolutionary War Veterans Association.   An Appleseed shoot is part history class, part rifle theory, and a whole lot of shooting.  Last year a thousand people participated in Appleseed shoots around the country.  This year’s goal is 2,000.  For 2008, it’s 4,000.  The longer term goal is to double the number of attendees every year. 

Nonetheless, Appleseed is not about shooting.     

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