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Obama Tiptoes Around Semi-Auto Ban

Obama Tiptoes Around Semi-Auto Ban

Calls for passage of Inter-American Arms Treaty

Speaking in Mexico, the President today acknowledged his support for renewing the so-called "assault weapons" ban, but also showed respect for political power of the gun rights movement, saying that he and his administration might not have the political wherewithal to pass a ban.  Having sidestepped the call to pass a renewal, he then suggested enforcing existing law, pointing out that it’s already illegal to smuggle guns into Mexico.  A remarkable insight, Mr. President. 

Mr. Obama has put us on notice that he will pass the ban if he can muster up the political muscle.  It is the duty of the gun rights movement to see that any thought of a new ban remains expensive.  


April 17 Update

The Washington Times ran the Obama story in today’s edition focusing on Obama’s call for passage of the Inter-American Arms Tready (full text here) to mark guns with their country of origin and to establish all manner of tracing and registration schemes.