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How To Use This Site: Your Profile

I’ve been busy over the past few days installing several new interactive tools and features into the site.  The immediate response resembles a junior high school dance – lots of people standing around, but not too many have ventured out on the floor.  I'm not worried.  This is something that will develop in due time. 

This is the first in a series of "How To" blogs that I'll post over the next few days in hopes of getting folks started.  If you don’t understand something I've written here, or if you catch a mistake in my write-up, or if something doesn’t work as expected, you can drop a line in the comments section below this window, or send me a note.

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Site News

Want to be alerted when new items are added to The Firearms Coalition site?  I've added a feature that allows you to subscribe to the various categories.  Look for the "Subscribe" link on the bottom of the menu after you've logged in.  It's handy for those of us who haven't caught up with the newsfeed trend and still just troll email.

More cool stuff on the way.

Sesame Street/NRA-ILA Contribution Tie-In

Something for the "Oh, for pity's sake!" file from the Philadelphia Daily News.  What I love is the way the newsies twist it around to where Elmo's threatening someone…


NRA -Sesame Place tie draws gun-foes' fire

campisg@phillynews.com 215-854-5935

Put the gun down, Elmo.

That's the war cry of gun-control advocates after learning that a National Rifle Association Web site is offering discounted tickets to Sesame Place and other kid-friendly theme parks – in return for donations to the NRA's political arm, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA).

"This is a very strange thing, the connection between guns, the NRA and Sesame Place," said Bryan Miller, executive director of Ceasefire NJ. "It looks to me like a PR nightmare."

"There is no conflict of interest by having the theme-park tickets available," said NRA spokeswoman Ashley Varner.


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