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Chris and Jeff’s Excellent GRPC Adventure

Gun Rights Radicals Meet and Greet Again

What a great weekend!  It’s always good to see the guys who really get what gun rights, the Second Amendment, and civil rights are all about.  I especially enjoyed connecting with the contingents from the Arkansas Concealed Carry Association and from the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association.  I was also pleased to see The Appleseed Project with a table and a couple of reps in the room.  They were handing out passes to Appleseed shoots.  If you haven’t been to one, GO!  If you have been to one, GO!  They’re planning one in Buckeye near me, but unfortunately my time’s committed for that one.  I have my calendar cleared for April 19 in Payson, though.

Joe Tartaro kindly asked me to bring a generous stack of Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War with me to the conference.  SAF always sets up a bookstore in the back of the room and I got to see the book moving briskly.  I don’t know how many copies I signed, and all of the direct feedback was positive.  This year’s GRPC was a bit of a coming-out party for the book, with the first gun press review appearing in the current issue of Gun Week.  Thanks to Joe for that. 

Next year the GRPC heads directly into the belly of the beast:  San Francisco.  The Pink Pistols delegation offered to lead a march through the Castro district.  Stereotype busting, anyone? 

I’ve attached my written speech below.  You may need to click the "Read More" button to see it. 

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