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The latest “Devil’s Gun”

This column appeared in Shotgun News and elsewhere nearly five years ago.  I dredged it up when media reports surfaced that the Ft. Hood killer used a Five-seveN.  It should be noted that had he used the second gun he reportedly had during the rampage, a .357 Magnum, the death toll would very likely have been higher, but with fewer wounded.

–Chris Knox

Knox Report

The latest “Devil’s Gun”

By Chris Knox


(March 1, 2005) With the introduction to the civilian market of its “Five-seveN” pistol, FN Herstal has set the anti-gun world in a tizzy not seen since Gaston Glock’s polymer-framed pistol burst on the scene twenty years ago.  At that time the buzz was all about the “undetectable” plastic gun.  In similar fashion, the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) is circulating breathless reports that  “It [the Five-seveN] has the power of an assault rifle, yet it fits right in your pocket.”


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