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Memphis Paper “Outs” CCW Holders

An important oversight in the drafting of the Tennessee concealed carry permit system left the record of who has a permit to carry concealed weapons resulted in a grandstanding newspaper putting up a web site with permit hoders' names and zip codes A huffy editorial from columnist Chris Peck resed on the sanctity of the public's right to know, pointed out that the paper only published a matter of public record, and feined shock and dismay that anyone should object.  Some bloggers responded by publishing home addresses of the paper's staff including Mr. Peck's.  

The issue heated up recently as an argument over parking escalated into an incident such as the Brady Bunch would have scripted and a man was shot.  Locals tell me that it looks like the permit holder was in the wrong and probably needs to go to jail. The Brady Bunch told us this would be happening all over the place.  That such incidents are exceedingly rare is the news that doesn't make the news, much as an armed citizen who stops a rampage barely makes a ripple in the media.