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Ignorance is Bliss-tering

The Knox Report

From the Firearms Coalition

Ignorance is Bliss — Until the Pain Begins


By Jeff Knox


(November 20, 2008) The reality of the November 4 elections is beginning to settle in and the more people learn about the choices they’ve made, the more concerned they become.  It turns out that the McCain campaign’s “Celebrity” commercial was spot-on; Barack Obama was famous for being famous and the masses failed to look behind the curtain or into the promises.  What Alan Korwin calls the “lame-stream media” was complicit in the charade as they fawned over Obama and the Democrats while trashing McCain, Palin, the Republicans in Congress, and George W. Bush.  The two major parties were also complicit as they have locked up the election process and locked out many highly qualified and worthwhile candidates and ideas.  But in the end, it all comes down to the American people and how much attention and consideration they are giving to the health of The Republic. 

The simple fact is that the vast majority of citizens pay absolutely no attention to matters of politics and a good percentage of the rest pay only superficial attention.  Gunowners turn out for elections at about the same rate as non-gunowners and often have little or no idea about the candidates’ positions on firearms issues.  While millions of serious “gun-people” buy Shotgun News and other gun publications almost religiously, many of them never even look at the “political columns” like this one and choose to remain oblivious to the erosion of their rights and the threats certain political philosophies represent.

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