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NYTimes warns of “Coming Swarm”

NYTimes warns of “Coming Swarm”

A New York Times Op-Ed piece by John Arquilla, a Naval Postgraduate School professer, titled “The Coming Swarm” warns of a possible terrorist threat in the form of a “swarm” attack, a series of simultaneous smal-unit actions much like the Thanksgiving Mumbi attacks.  The piece correctly points out that anti-terrorism respondents are geared toward a single mass-casualty event, where Mumbai was paralyzed by a half-dozen two-man teams. 

 I made a similar prediction shortly after the Mumbai event in a Knox Report column, “The Siege of Mumbai ” and friend Derek Bernard followed up with a piece by Richard Munday that was printed in The TImes of London.  Mr. Munday focused on an obvious point that seemingly went right over the head of Professor Arquilla, that being that some of the would-be victims might happen to be armed.  That there could be an armed citizen to fight back would indeed be a tall-odds proposition in disarmed Mumbai, London, or in Monterey, California, home of the the Naval Postgraduate School.  But in Phoenix, Dallas, or Orlando, where roughly two percent of the population have obtained concealed carry permits, the odds tilt. 

In those cities, I suppose we can expect the attacks to occur in airports or other disarmed victim zones.

The Siege of Mumbai

The Knox Update

From the Firearms Coalition


The Siege of Mumbai


Madmen Serve As Models For Fanatics


By Chris Knox


(December 11, 2008) Last month, as we Americans celebrated our Thanksgiving, many of us missed or were only vaguely aware of a dramatic and horrifying story that unfolded on the other side of the globe.  A band of at least nine terrorists took a ship from Pakistan, somehow transferred to an inflatable boat in Indian waters, and just after nightfall, came ashore at the Gateway of India, a British-built stone monument in the harbor of Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay).  From the harbor, it was a fifteen-minute walk to their targets. 

Over the next two hours, they hit ten locations: a train station, a Jewish community center, a hospital.  Terror squad members finally dug in at a pair of posh hotels and the Jewish community center.  Armed with automatic rifles and grenades, the terrorists targeted Jews and Americans, but were content to waste as many innocent lives as possible as they launched on a three-day rampage.  “They weren’t aiming at anyone in particular. It was like they wanted to empty their magazines and do as much damage here as possible before heading to the Taj [Mahal Hotel],” said one witness.  Over the three-day siege fewer than a dozen modestly trained, but determined terrorists killed almost 200 people and paralyzed a great city.

Pictures from photographer Sebastian D’Souza, show fresh-faced kids dressed like Western college students sauntering along firing into terrorized crowds.  D’Souza captured an image of two of the murderers seemingly engaged in a calm conversation beneath a billboard advertising tea.  “WAKE UP!” says the billboard headline.  Indeed.  D’Sousa later said that he wished he had a gun instead of a camera.

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