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Crowdsourcing gun law information

"Crowdsourced" Table of Gun Laws

"Opposing Views," a debate web site that airs representative arguments on a variety of topics, including gun rights versus gun prohibition, has undertaken a project to "crowdsource" a table of state gun laws. Crowdsourcing seeks to draw on the collective knowledge of a crowd.  

The table, shown in the frame below, provides a way to see a summary of views of state gun laws, not unlike Wikipedia.  The idea has merit, although to become authoritative, it needs much more traffic than it has seen so far.  That’s the nature of crowdsourcing — its most important ingredient is the crowd.  As an example,I looked at Arizona’s gun laws and there were some truly bizarre ideas. 

A second, similarly crowdsourced table of gun rights organizations appears below the gun law table.

We’ll follow this experiment in social behavior to see where it leads. The OV management seems genuinely interested in facilitating a good quality discussion.  We’ll be dropping copy into their site.  It’s a way to get exposure for The Firearms Coalition.  And we encourag our readers to join in as well. 

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