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Gun Control at Work…

The Knox Report

From the Firearms Coalition


It’s the Guns Stupid…Right?


By Jeff Knox


(June 19, 2008) June 8 of this year was the anniversary of a horrible mass murder and on that day another attack, almost as deadly and just as senseless, took place.  On June 8, 2001 a deranged man walked into an elementary school and murdered 8 children and injured 15 other students and school staff members.  The more recent attack was aimed at random innocents enjoying a beautiful Sunday in a busy shopping district.

The murderer started his attack by driving into a crowd of shoppers and using his vehicle as a weapon, slamming into panicking pedestrians before leaping out and executing some of the injured.  Panicked shoppers tried to flee as the murderer rampaged through the crowds indiscriminately killing and maiming.  The final toll was 7 dead and 10 injured.

Unlike many such attacks during which the targets of the attack were trapped inside a relatively small space, this recent outrage took place in the open streets where there was plenty of room to run.  Still, that wasn’t enough to save the 17 victims. 

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