The ATF Seattle Field Division Strikes Again

The latest JPFO Alert features Justice not just miscarried, but aborted by L. Neil Smith, which tells of the Infamous ATF Seattle Field Division and just how far they went to set up and send a man to prison. Seeing how this agency has lied so much, how can believe a word that they say when ATF employees such as Kelvin Crenshaw tell about 47 gang related arrests in Seattle and later is caught for lying about 77 gang related arrests in Spokane. Why did Crenshaw lie? It appears to justify their own existence, to establish a permanent gang field office and also an ATF Regional Crime Gun Center (Note that Crenshaw is interviewed in both stories). I found this quote from Crenshaw interesting: "This boils down to an organization that has prided itself on tactics of intimidation and wreaking havoc in the community," Special Agent in Charge Kelvin Crenshaw of the ATF in Seattle How does the old saying go…takes one to know one! Now for your marching orders!! Contact the US Department of Justice Office of Inspector General and your Congressional Delegates demand that something be done.