The Election

As I write this, John McCain is giving his concession speech.  No love lost for him here, but I frankly would rather have seen him in than Barack Obama.  But what's done is done.  No literate gun owner should have any illusion that Obama has any respect for the Second Amendment.  What he does respect, however, is the power of the GunVoter bloc.  The Democrats, victims of the wrath of GunVoters from 1994, are wary of the vote of the gun-owning community.  Contrast that to the Republicans, who have so often courted the gun vote, but have so seldom delivered on their promises of support for the Second Amendment.  We have entered a perilous time for the Second Amendment.  We'll know better where we stand when the term starts in January. 

It's certain that a reinstatement of the Clinton "assault weapons" ban will be introduced. What happens after that will tell us a great deal about whether the Democrats believe GunVoters still inspire respect.  If the bill is consigned to a committee, and languishes there, it means they remember.  If, however, the bill comes rolling out of committee and to the floor, we are in for a long hard slog.  

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