Third-World DC

Third-World Policing in Nation’s Capital

By Jeff Knox

             (June 11, 2009) News reports were somewhat conflicted, but information suggests that officers of the federal Park Police, members of a special, FBI managed, "Safe Streets" taskforce, responded to a report of a "man with a gun," in the Trinidad neighborhood of the District of Columbia at about 8:30 on a recent Monday evening.  Witnesses say that the suspect ran into an alley where the plain clothes officers caught him, but a moment later he broke free and tried to run, at which point the officers opened fire, mortally wounding the fleeing suspect in the back.  A gun was found at the scene.

            This is the same neighborhood in DC where Metro Police have been setting up roadblocks requiring people to prove residency or a "valid reason" before entering the neighborhood.

            It seems that local and federal authorities think they’re operating in a third-world country rather than the nation’s capital.  

It is unlikely that such tactics would ever be tolerated in any other city or neighborhood in the US, even Daley’s Chicago, but Southeast DC contains the most government dependent population in the country. Even with last June’s Supreme Court ruling declaring that DC residents have the right to arms, the mere mention of a gun, it appears, is justification for police to open fire.  Witnesses say that the officers shot the man in the back without even yelling for him to stop.

            This incident in the Nation’s Capital is tragic and deeply disturbing on numerous levels.  One of the contributing factors to the current state of affairs is the total lack of personal responsibility and accountability on the part of DC residents.  DC is a poster-child for nanny-state micro-management and people control.  They spend more money per student than any other public school district in the country and consistently have among the highest drop-out rates and lowest test scores in the nation.  They have an extensive array of security cameras, a high tech system for detecting and mapping the sound of gunshots, the strictest gun control laws in the country, and one of the nation’s highest violent crime rates.

            All in all, the city is an abject failure – a failure of the philosophy and policies the current President is trying to implement nationwide.  Will Obama’s policies result in similar failure in the rest of the country?  Will crime and drop-out rates go through the roof along with unemployment and taxes?  It’s looking that way so far, but it took decades of mis-micro-management and generations of citizen dependency to sink the District of Columbia to it’s current state of dysfunction, helplessness, and hopelessness.  Maybe 4 years won’t be long enough to sink the whole nation.  Maybe some leaders with faith in their fellow man and trust in the free enterprise system will step forward and reinstitute concepts like self-reliance, personal responsibility, and voluntary compassion.  Perhaps a return to a republican form of government and a repudiation of government control of everything can reverse the downward spiral, but that will require the people to stand up and reject the siren song of decision free life.  Can the poor people of Washington, DC make that stand?  Can anything pull them out of their chronic victimhood and oppression?  Has the spark of independence and liberty been so drowned out by paternalistic bureaucracy that it can never again be coaxed into flame? 

The first step toward liberty and independence is taking responsibility for your own life.  The first step in taking responsibility for your own life is to take responsibility for life itself – your own security and the security of your family.  Once a person shoulders that responsibility, everything else is just window dressing.

African-Americans have been systematically denied the ability to defend themselves to the point that a significant majority of African-Americans support strict gun control laws aimed at African-Americans.  Maybe if they realized that almost all gun control laws are aimed at them they would begin to question their own position.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) has a new video that exposes the racist history of gun control.  It’s titled, "No Guns for Negroes" and it doesn’t pull any punches.  The video can be downloaded or watched for free at or a DVD of the program can be had for free with a paid membership to JPFO.  Maybe this powerful video can spark a renaissance within the African-American community – if they’ll watch it.  Even if they do watch it, they must first overcome their own prejudice and then that of their families and neighbors.  And of course they then have the prejudice of the police to survive.

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