Upcoming Events

Two Important Events Coming Up!

Second Amendment March April 19!

Join Jeff Knox and Second Amendment supporters from around the nation as we rally on the National Mall in downtown Washington, DC from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM next to the Washington Monument.  Plan to be there all day if you can, but if you can only make it for a couple of hours that helps too.  Let’s send a message to Congress and the President that the Constitution matters – all of it – and they’d better keep their hands off of our rights!

There are also a number of rallies planned for State capitols around the country in conjunction with the national Second Amendment March.  Get the full schedule of events at www.SecondAmendmentMarch.com and get involved!


Grass Roots North Carolina Dinner Friday, May 14!

Featuring Heller and McDonald lead attorney Alan Gura.

If you’re planning to attend the NRA Convention in Charlotte next month, be sure to plan to make the GRNC Dinner a part of your plans.  It promises to be an enjoyable and informative evening including the opportunity to learn about the carefully choreographed campaign being waged in the courts to reestablish the Second Amendment as a fundamental right.  Along with Alan Gura, speakers include Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina, Paul Valone, President of GRNC, and The Firearms Coalition’s own Jeff Knox.

Don’t miss this great event!

Tickets are only $50 and all proceeds go to benefit the work of Grass Roots North Carolina – the leading rights lobby in the state – and their Remember in November project which distributes voter guides to over 100,000 registered voters before each major election in the state.

For more information go to www.GRNC.org or call (704) 907-9206.