What ‘Chappaquiddick’ Kennedy says about BATFE Sullivan and their agenda for firearms confiscation

MJSThe fix is in! You better immediately contact your Senators people (and keep contacting them) and tell them NOT to vote to confirm Michael J. Sullivan for BATFE Director (Sullivan is currently Acting Director of the BATFE/ATF.) I have addressed Sullivan's agenda in prior redpills.org posts but if that won't wake you up then how about Senator 'Chappaquiddick' Kennedy's opening remarks at the 9/26 hearing regarding Sullivan's appointment:

It’s a pleasure to welcome to the Committee today two fellow Bay Staters, my good friend and colleague Senator John Kerry and Mr. Michael Sullivan, whom President Bush has nominated to serve as the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. I’d also like to welcome Mr. Sullivan’s wife Theresa, daughter Alyson, and his father Thomas Sullivan. Your family is surely proud, Mr. Sullivan, that you’ve served the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for over a decade {as U.S Attorney} and I look forward to hearing your views on issues that are so important to our country today.

A fellow native Bostonian, Mr. Sullivan has been a lifelong resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A graduate of Boston College and Suffolk University Law School, he’s had a distinguished career dedicated to public service. Beginning in 1990, Mr. Sullivan served as a Representative in the state legislature for three terms. Then in 1995, he went onto become the District Attorney for Plymouth County where he began to develop a strong relationship between himself, the Boston Police Department and the ATF.

In 2001, Mr. Sullivan was appointed to serve as the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts – a position that he still holds today. Since August 2006, Mr. Sullivan has also held the position of Acting Director of ATF.

As you know, the ATF is a key law enforcement agency within the Justice Department — with the dual responsibility of enforcing Federal criminal laws and regulating the firearms and explosives industries. With a new law enacted last year, this is the first confirmation hearing for the position of Director and I hope that it will provide us with a good foundation for future collaboration between ATF and this Committee.

I’m particularly interested in the role that ATF can play to help stem the tide of gun violence in our country. Nearly 30,000 Americans lives are lost to gun violence each year — more than 80 people a day. In his book, Private Guns, Public Health, David Hemenway from the Harvard Injury Control Research Center observed that, “Each day guns were used in the commission of about three thousand crimes. The U.S. rates of death an injury due to firearms and the rate of crimes committed with firearms are far higher than those of any other industrialized country.”

Just last week, the International Association of Chiefs of Police – IACP – took a dramatic stand against the escalating gun violence in our communities – releasing a comprehensive report with 39 key recommendations to reduce gun violence. The Chiefs’ compelling report and specific recommendations are a clear call to action. Without further delay, Congress and the Administration need to do our part by enacting concrete reforms that will reduce crime and protect the safety of police officers and all Americans. We all know what needs to be done and it’s a scandal that we have done so little for so long.

* We need to strengthen Brady Law background checks for gun purchases, especially for persons with mental illness.

* We need to close the gun show loophole once and for all.

* We need to renew the assault weapons ban.

* We need to pass Senator Feinstein’s bill for stricter requirements on the sale of extremely dangerous fifty-caliber sniper rifles.

* We need to amend federal law to ensure that all cop killer bullets are banned.

* We need to do more to see that law enforcement has access to the newest and most effective crime-solving technologies – like microstamping.

The IACP’s impressive work in producing this ground-breaking report should not go ignored. I’m hopeful that we can work together, across party lines, to reduce gun violence, solve gun crimes, protect our police officers and do all that we can to make our communities safer. Perhaps our dialogue today will be one positive step forward in that direction.

OK. If I need to spell this out to you then you have not been paying attention to how we are on the verge of losing more of our rights as pertaining to the 2nd Amendment. Sullivan, Kerry, Kennedy, and the SOB (Son Of a Bush) are New England elitist, blue bloods and they are after your guns. That SOB appointed Sullivan knowing full well his background. Sullivan may be OK as a Massachusetts State Representative or even a U.S. Attorney, I don't know, but SULLIVAN MUST NOT BECOME DIRECTOR OF THE BATFE! That I do know.

Yes, the legislation that Kennedy wants may or may not be the same as that which Sullivan wants. I know that. But what I do know is that Sullivan is rescinding Federal Firearms Licenses at an alarming rate, he's buds with 'Chappaquiddick', and most egregiously, Sullivan is creating an unlawful database of gun owners. A FIREARMS OWNERSHIP DATABASE MEANS REGISTRATION. REGISTRATION MEANS CONFISCATION. IT ALWAYS COMES DOWN TO THAT…and given BATFE's history and militancy, do you think they will shirk their perceived 'duty' if they are called upon? First they will come for the 50 caliber 'sniper rifles', then the 'assault rifles', then take the guns from all those not meeting whatever requirements the government considers appropriate, e.g., those who are 'mentally ill' (which according to them are all gun owners), those with a history of ADD, then those ….

Enough. Contact your Senators TODAY and keep at them. SULLIVAN MUST NOT BECOME DIRECTOR OF THE BATFE!

I will address Kennedy's remarks in a future redpills post. As usual he flagrantly and arrogantly shows us his agenda, his blatent disregard for the truth and what the American people want. But enough of 'Chappaquiddick'…contact your Senators re: Sullivan. Or give up your guns.

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