American Rifleman On Competition M14s

Page 32 of my February 2008 American Rifleman carries the following "Second Shots — 50 Years Ago" feature:


M14 In Competition?

The following statement appears in a brochure which is being distributed by the American Automatic Weapons Association.

"We have already begun to formulate shooting clubs under the direction of this Association and the Director of Civilian Marksmanship, in an attempt to allow us to train with the Army's newest automatic weapons and we will organize competitive shooting with these weapons."

This statement is not authorized by the Director of Civilian Marksmanship and the American Automatic Weapons Association has been requested twice to delete it from their brochure. 


I'm not sure, but I think AR just told Class III fans to buzz off.  NRA threw machine gun owners under the bus with the 1986 "freeze" that accompanied passage of the McClure-Volkmer Firearms Owners Protection Act.  I guess this is to prove that NRA never liked the machine gunners anyway.  At least the position is consistent.

Note:  I have updatd this entry — I failed to include the final paragraph when I originally posted this note.  Kind of lost its thunder without that bit.