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Hello Gun Lobby!

Much of what you see here you might later see as a the core of a full column in The Knox Report which is a regular feature of Shotgun News and many club and organization newsletters, or featured in our own newsletter, The Hard Corps Report. This area will serve as my notes and brain-storming zone for other writing so you'll see it here first.

Please let me know what you think of the information you find here and the work that we are doing.

Yours for the Second Amendment,

Jeff Knox

Front Sight Training Offer

Several years ago I took a trip out to Las Vegas for a free macinegun course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

Founder, Ignatius Piazza offered an impressive image of the future for the property and a vision for turning around public perception of the "gun culture."  Since then, there have been some arguments and rumors flying, but Piazza has kept on plugging with quality training, and innovative marketing and PR.

Front Sight's latest offer is a scheme to put them at the top of all of the search engines and greatly increase their visibility.  To accomplish this, they're offering a free training course for anyone who places the following links on their web site:

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