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Hello Gun Lobby!

Much of what you see here you might later see as a the core of a full column in The Knox Report which is a regular feature of Shotgun News and many club and organization newsletters, or featured in our own newsletter, The Hard Corps Report. This area will serve as my notes and brain-storming zone for other writing so you'll see it here first.

Please let me know what you think of the information you find here and the work that we are doing.

Yours for the Second Amendment,

Jeff Knox

Rights Day Summary

    Well it was a pretty good day. 

    I got to Realco Guns in Maryland right at Noon instead of earlier as I had planned.

    We had about 25 or 30 people with a few comings and goings along the way compared to their 50 or 60 folks.  The biggest difference being that it looked like most of their people were on the clock while they were there while our side was pretty much all volunteers.  

    Jane with Second Amendment Sisters had done a good job coordinating things with the local cops, etc. and had a good PA system set up.  Henry Heymering with Maryland Shall Issue was there with several of his guys and gave away a bunch of "Self Defense in a Family Value" T-shirts.  Bob Culver with Montgomery Citizens for a Safer Maryland was there for the whole event and we had several guys up from Virginia and VCDL.  A couple of guys from the Tyrany Response Team showed up and the blogger popped in as things were wrapping up.

    The guys from Realco had coffee and do-nuts for us and I saw lots of people buying ammo and accessories.  The two times I popped into the store, there were guys busily working on the seemingly endless paperwork which goes along with selling guns these days.  Very nice guys.  Very professional.

    I did get a chance to speak with a few media types as did many of our crew and I think pretty much everyone who spoke to the press handled themselves well.  The three points I really wanted to get across were:

1. Self defense is a Civil Right

2. Gun control doesn't work

3. There are three primary reasons for more guns in DC being traced back to Realco than any other store.  Those three reasons are; Location, Location, and Location.

    All in all I think it was a productive event.  Realco did more business than they normally would have.  The anti's didn't get a free pass.  And activists from Maryland, DC, and Virginia got a chance to network and build the kind of camaraderie that only comes from spending time together in the trenches.

    I want to express my thanks to everyone who attended this event and to everyone around the country who made it a point to stop by their local gun shop and buy a box of ammo or a new gun. 

    If you attended an event in your area, please send me a report on it.

    Don't forget to follow up todays action with a letter or e-mail to your elected officials to let them know that the power of the gun lobby comes directly from our numbers and our commitment and that we will work hard to defeat any politician who betrays their oath to support and defend the US Constitution.

    Let's do this again next year with more bells and whistles!


    Yours for the Second Amendment, 



MD, DC, Virginia!

Celebrate National Exercise Your Rights Day with me this Tuesday (August 28).

I'll be at the Maryland/DC event at:

Realco Guns, Inc.
6108 Marlboro Pike
District Heights, MD 20747


I'll be there a bit before Noon and stay through 2:00.

Anyone in the DC metro area is encouraged to stop by and join us anytime during those two hours.

Even if you can only stop by for a few minutes on your lunch hour to show your support and buy a box of ammo.


Hope to see many of you there.



Brady Protest List

Here is the list of planned events from the Brady Bunch:

In addition, a statewide letter writing campaign is being organized in California to build support for a crime-fighting “microstamping” bill being considered by the State Legislature.

If you can attend any of these events, please do so and let us know at


Update 08/24/07

The Good, the Bad, and Jesse Jackson

 Yesterday and today have been Good News – Bad News and very full.

The Good:

A friend invited me to attend a local Friends of NRA Banquet last night.  I always enjoy the banquets and am very supportive of the work of the NRA Foundation.  I spent many years working on Friends Committees helping to put together banquets in Arizona, Washington State, and Idaho.  I've attended many banquets and acted as MC for at least 7 or 8 over the years, but I've never won anything more than a small houseplant and a pocket knife sharpener – until last night.  I am now the proud owner of a brand new Weatherby .257 rifle!  Woo Hoo!!!

More Good News: Some of you might recall I mentioned that I had an article scheduled to come out in a major gun publication…

Well it finally hit the news stand.  It's a feature article on how to introduce people to guns Continue reading Update 08/24/07

Old Columns Being Added

One of the great advantages of this new web management system is that it is very easy to add content.  One of the shortcomings is that it does not allow us to manipulate the "Latest News" feature in the top menu – thus the listing of a column from 2005 at the top of "Latest News".  As I dig up old articles that I want to share, the system automatically lists the newest additions even when those additions might not actually be "new" or "news."

I would encourage visitors to the site to not only look at "Latest News" and "Most Popular", but to pop into each of the major areas to se what interesting item might have been posted since your last visit.  There is usually a new "Knox Report" every week.  "News Flashes" and "Alerts" can appear at any time as can blog entries from Chris or me (and eventually from Mom).  And of course, we're having some fun with videos too.

Soon you should be able to interact with us and other readers by posting responses in our "Blog" areas.  In the mean time, please don't hesitate to drop us a note with questions, comments, or suggestions either through the "Contact" form or directly to me a: Jeff at

I hope you're enjoying the site and find it useful.  If you do, please tell a friend about it and remember, we not only allow, we encourage the reposting and reprinting of our original materials on internet forums, in e-mails, and in clud newsletters.  No specific permission is required as long as propper credit is given to the author, The Firearms Coalition, and this web site.  Share the information widely – that's what we write it for.


Yours for the Second Amendment,


Parker discussion at VCDL meeting

I had the opportunity to speak briefly about the Parker case at a recent Virginia Citizen's Defense League meeting and someone was thoughtful enough to post my comments on You-Tube.

For clarification, the long question that is inaudible was asking whether DC was going to be forced to repeal their law while the case was under appeal – I don't think so.  There was also a question about SCOTUS dividing the decision and only hearing part of it – Again, I don't think that will happen.

BUT – I am not a lawyer and there is no guarantee of what the Supreme Court will do.  Having studied the court and the case rather thoroughly and having spoken with lots of lawyers and professional court watchers, I am pretty confident in my evaluation.

Click below to view the video. 

Continue reading Parker discussion at VCDL meeting

“Parker” Analysis

[ MOROCCAN AGENT SECRET ] Continue reading “Parker” Analysis

The Video Odyssey