Update 08/24/07

The Good, the Bad, and Jesse Jackson

 Yesterday and today have been Good News – Bad News and very full.

The Good:

A friend invited me to attend a local Friends of NRA Banquet last night.  I always enjoy the banquets and am very supportive of the work of the NRA Foundation.  I spent many years working on Friends Committees helping to put together banquets in Arizona, Washington State, and Idaho.  I've attended many banquets and acted as MC for at least 7 or 8 over the years, but I've never won anything more than a small houseplant and a pocket knife sharpener – until last night.  I am now the proud owner of a brand new Weatherby .257 rifle!  Woo Hoo!!!

More Good News: Some of you might recall I mentioned that I had an article scheduled to come out in a major gun publication…

Well it finally hit the news stand.  It's a feature article on how to introduce people to guns

 and the shooting sports and it is published in the August/September issue of "Handguns" magazine.


The Bad:

 The current issue of "Handguns" on newsstands today is the October/November issue.

Just goes to show you that I don't get out much.  Copies of the magazine are available from the publisher at $8.00 each with no additional shipping charge at:


I have to get copies for my mother and grandmother or I'm in big trouble!


Other Bad – I have to go fill out a bunch of intrusive government paperwork in order to bring my new rifle home.  I'll get over it.


Jesse Jackson:

National Exercise Your Rights Day is really taking off while Jesse Jackson's planned protests against illegal guns in 25 cities is really flopping.  So far Jackson and his friends at the Brady Campaign Against Guns have managed to scrape together only 19 "events" and a "letter writing campaign in California."  Many of the events are going to be "lie-ins" (OK, all of the events are probably going to be "lie-ins", but they're calling them "lie-ins" as in "lie down" as opposed to "lie through your teeth").  At the "lie-ins" they will get 32 people to lie down in the street to represent the 32 victims of the Virginia Tech murderer.  Wouldn't it be nice if after the first two laid down the third declared she had a gun and had shot the bad guy?


The most misguided and hypocritical event is a planned gathering in a park in Newark, New Jersey to protest "illegal guns."  The outrageous aspect of this protest is that it is intentionally being staged near the location where three unarmed college students were executed a few weeks ago.   Of course the execution was carried out in a "Gun Free School Zone" by an illegal allien who was illegally in possession of an illegal gun when he committed the illegal murders.  Meanwhile Newark is a "Sanctuary City" which does not turn illegal aliens – even those who commit crimes – over to imigration authorities.  Shouldn't even the news media see somthing a little off about using this crime as a rallying point against guns?


I 'll be participating in the DC area Rights Celebration being held at Realco Guns in District Hights Maryland along with friends from the Second Amendment Sisters, Maryland Shall Issue, MCSM, and hopefully some intrepid Virginians will be willing to disarm and cross into the lawless frontiers of the People's Republic of Maryland with me.