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NRA Iowa Explanation


From:  NRA-ILA Research & Information Division


Re:        Iowa Right to Carry and NICS Improvement Amendments Act Compliance Draft

This memorandum is a section-by-section explanation of the above-referenced draft.

724.4C – This is a new section that would create the aggravated misdemeanor of going armed whiled under the influence of alcohol or illegally used or possessed controlled substances.  Current law prohibits the issuance of a permit to acquire handguns or to carry weapons to a person who is “addicted to the use of alcohol.” IA ST 724.8, .15.  These prohibitions, however, are both under-inclusive and over-inclusive.  They are under-inclusive because they do not reach the situation of a person who is not actually an alcoholic but who causes a risk to public safety by handling a firearm while impaired by alcohol.  They are over-inclusive because they would prohibit an alcoholic who is not drinking and is responsibly managing his condition from exercising a fundamental right.  The proposed section more adequately and fairly addresses the public safety concern posed by firearms and alcohol. Continue reading NRA Iowa Explanation

NRA Iowa Proposal

Iowa Right to Carry Reform Bill


724.4C. Possession or carrying of weapons while intoxicated. [New Section]

A person who goes armed with a firearm while under the influence of alcohol or an illegally used or possessed controlled substance commits an aggravated misdemeanor.

724.7  Nonprofessional permit to carry weapons.

Any person who can reasonably justify going armed meets the criteria of section 724.8 and who files an application in accordance with 724.11 may shall be issued a nonprofessional permit to carry weapons.  Such permits shall be on a form prescribed and published by the commissioner of public safety, which shall be readily distinguishable from the professional permit, and shall identify the holder thereof, and state the reason for the issuance of the permit, and the limits of the authority granted by such permit. All permits so issued shall be for a definite period as established by the issuing officer, but in no event shall exceed a period of twelve months five years and shall be valid throughout the state, except where the possession or carrying of a firearm is prohibited by federal or state law.

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Cabela’s, ISRA Take On Sufredin

Thanks to Buzzard for the alert.


The Illinois State Rifle Association and Cabela's Inc., a hunting, camping and fishing merchandise retail chain, are teaming up to prevent the passage of two Cook County ordinances that they say would put unfair restrictions on gun sellers.

In a news release issued shortly after Commissioner Larry Suffredin introduced a gun control ordinance last month, the Illinois State Rifle Association said Cabela's superstore in Hoffman Estates would be forced to close if the measure is approved.

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AZ Governor Vetoes Pro-Rights Bills

SB 1251, which would have strengthened the "public establishment or event" storage requirements that were passed last year and capped CCW permit fees at their current level, and SB 1166, which attempted to make it clear that the legislature intended to apply the 2006 "Castle Doctrine/Burden of Proof" legislation to all cases pending at the time it was signed, were vetoed by the Governor on July 2, 2007.  You can read her veto letters here:


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AZ: Preservationists File Suit Against Kofa Water

This is a report from the Yuma Sun quoting a press release from preservationist groups.  How establishing water sources in the harsh western Arizona desert environment in the midst of a drought endangers the desert bighorn is left as an exercise to the reader.


 — Chris Knox


June 28, 2007 – 11:11PM

Conservationists have filed for a temporary restraining order with federal court to prevent any refuge actions that ignore public involvement. The action followed an investigative report released on the declining Kofa bighorn sheep herd, according to an Arizona Wilderness Coalition and Wilderness Watch press release.   Continue reading AZ: Preservationists File Suit Against Kofa Water

PA Senate Hearing on Violence

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