Top Cops Who Disgrace Themselves


By Dave Vann

Executive Member

Virginia Citizen’s Defense League


At the Fourth Public Meeting of Governor Kaine’s Independent Virginia Tech Incident Review Panel, in Charlottesville, Va. on July 18, 2007, four of Virginia’s top law enforcement officers disgraced themselves, their badge and the uniform they wear.

Chief Don Challis, William and Mary Police Department, Chief Michael Gibson, University of Virginia, Chief Robert Dillard, University of Richmond Police Department and Chief Mike Yost, Williamsburg Police Department all stood before the Review Panel and stated that students and faculty should never have the means to defend themselves. They rationalized this by saying that students traditionally forget where they put their books so it’s only logical that they would misplace a gun. Further, they stated that students drink to excess and guns and alcohol don’t mix.

I caught up with Chief Yost in the hallway after he spoke. After everyone finished glad handing him I introduced myself as a former LEO and then said that he should be ashamed of himself. He turned the brightest shade of red I’ve ever seen and stammered “why”?

Here is the back and forth we had:

Me: You just said you would rather have 31 law abiding people murdered then have them be able to defend themselves. Yost: That’s not what I said. Me: Yes it is. Did you not just say, in there, that students and faculty who have concealed handgun permits should not be allowed to carry guns on campus?

Yost: Yes.

Me: Then you would rather they be murdered without a chance to save their own lives. What gives YOU the right to take away the means to self defense from ANYONE?

Yost: (stammering, stuttering)

Me: You are a disgrace to the badge you wear. You’re supposed to protect lives and instead you want to ensure that students and faculty are defenseless.

Yost: I’m trying to have a logical discussion with you about this.

Me: Logical? What is logical about 31 people being murdered and not being able to defend themselves? We’re not talking about children. We are talking about adults, 21 and older. Some over 40 and YOU say they shouldn’t be able to defend themselves against someone like Cho.

Yost: Well…….

Me: Yes or no? Should students be able to have the means to defend themselves against someone who is trying to murder them on campus?

Yost: Given the strict confines of what you asked, NO. There are too many guns on the street.

Me: Too many guns? Too many for whom? You should be ashamed. You’re a disgrace.

At that point one of the other Chiefs pulled him away and said they were late for a meeting. Fortunately this was not a he said/he said. I had a witness standing right beside me the entire time.

This panel is made up of at least four anti-gun people that I know of right off hand. It was loaded with anti-gun “expert witnesses” and was geared to find just the outcome that Gov. Kaine wanted it to. They could have saved all the money they spent traveling and pronouncing how independent they were and just taken an hour after they were appointed and reached the same conclusions that they’ll reach in a month or two.