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NRA Bankruptcy Court Documents

On January 15, 2021, less than 3 months after the NRA’s long-delayed Members’ Meeting, and just days after a Board of Directors meeting, Wayne LaPierre, without consulting with, or even informing the NRA Board, filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy for the Association.  The bankruptcy case was eventually thrown out by the judge, declaring that it was not filed in good faith, but the drawn-out process resulted in the release of a treasure trove of documents and depositions.

We’ve gathered a number of more interesting, publicly disclosed  documents from the bankruptcy case, for your perusal.

We are also posting documents from NRA’s other ongoing cases under a separate heading.

Additional documents will be added as we acquire them, so check back for updates.


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Issa recaps F&F, drafts Contempt of Congress resolution

Representative Darrel Issa (R-CA) has ramped up his often repeated threat to charge Attorney General Eric Holder with Contempt of Congress over the DOJ’s stonewalling in the Fast & Furious investigation by publicly circulating a draft Contempt resolution.   True to form, Holder is shrugging off the threat and it looks unlikely, even if the resolution is formalized and passed, that it will make Holder responsive and accommodating to congressional investigators.  Contempt charges from Congress are rarely filed, and even more rarely passed for further action.  The last time Congress passed one of these resolutions was against Carl Rove in 2008.  That citation, from the House Judiciary Committee, was never taken up by the full house, cooperation was never obtained, and it, and another Contempt citation from the previous year against two other Bush staffers, is still in litigation.  At least this draft resolution does an excellent job of spelling out the specifics of the Fast & Furious case and points out the major flaws of the operation.

Read the full draft resolution and Rep. Issa’s explanatory memo by clicking here.

NRA Elections 2012

Knox Endorses  Heil in NRA Elections

     As magazines containing ballots for the 2012 NRA Board of Directors Election have been arriving in people’s mail boxes over the past week (if you got a ballot, you’re eligible to vote – if you didn’t you aren’t) I have been receiving requests for guidance as to which candidates I feel are worth supporting.
This year I am only endorsing one candidate, Maria Heil, and asking voting members of NRA to cast ballots with only Mrs. Heil’s name marked.  While I do not know Mrs. Heil personally, she comes highly recommended by friends whose opinions I deeply respect.  I think Mrs. Heil would be a diligent worker for our rights as gun owners – and as NRA members – within the Board of Directors.  I believe she would bring some much-needed new energy to the board.
     While there are several incumbent directors up this cycle who I think have done a good job of serving the members, I am disinclined to offer endorsements.  I believe all of those good directors will easily win reelection without my help – or yours – and every vote cast for someone else dilutes any vote cast for Maria Heil.  This technique is called “Bullet Voting” – voting for only one or a few candidates rather than an entire slate.  The 25 candidates with the highest number of votes win seats.  Since there are only 31 candidates running, attempting to vote for a full slate invariably boosts the chances of another candidate bumping your favorite out of a seat.  Just one vote difference can cost a seat.

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Dave Vann

Would the Real Dave Vann Please Stand Up…

By Jeff Knox

I wasn’t surprised to see the name David Vann in one of David Codrea’s always excellent Gun Rights Examiner columns. Dave Vann has been a good friend and fellow freedom fighter for decades. But then I read David Vann’s suggestions for responding to the threat of campus shootings and I knew there was something very wrong in the world. This Dave Vann was advocating for the banning of all handguns, because they’re “made to kill people.”

Obviously this was a different Dave Vann. This Dave Vann is not a retired police officer with an addiction to advanced firearms training and a deep abiding interest in, and knowledge of, firearms, criminology, US History, and the Constitution. This Dave Vann is a creative writing teacher in San Francisco who has written a somewhat sympathetic book about the 2008 Northern Illinois University murderer, and is so mistrustful of his fellow US citizens that he spends most of his time in New Zealand. (Someone might wish to educate Mr. Vann about the widespread gun ownership in that island nation.)

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Issa Threatens BATFE Head With Contempt Citation

Issa Threatens BATFE Head With Contempt Citation

Congressman Darrell Issa (R. CA) threatened Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives has threatened acting head Kenneth E. Melson with a contmpt citation for his failure to comply with a Congressional subpeona. 

“Let me be clear … we are not conducting a concurrent investigation with the Department of Justice, but rather an independent investigation of the Department of Justice – specifically, of allegations that the reckless and inappropriate decisions of Department officials have created a serious public safety hazard.”

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, in a letter yesterday to ATF Acting Director Kenneth E. Melson, threatened to bring contempt charges against him for refusing to produce documents subpoenaed by the committee last month. The subpoena was issued in response to ATF and DOJ officials stonewalled the “Project Gunwalker” investigation.

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NRA 2011 Board Elections

NRA Board Endorsement

Each year 25 of the 75 regular director seats comes up for election to 3-year terms along with the 76th director, who voters attending the Annual Meeting select for a one-year term.

There is little chance of any injection of new blood in this year’s election. The candidate list is a bit larger than usual, but it includes 26 incumbent directors, including the current 76th director, vying for the 25 seats. The Nominating Committee nominated all 25 of the current 3-year directors plus an additional six candidates. Additionally, six more candidates nominated exclusively by petition of the members. Historically we can expect that at least 23 of the 25 incumbents will win reelection. Since the NRA uses a cumulative total election – the 25 highest total vote getters win – the real race is always between candidates at the bottom of the list.

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“Gunwalker” Scandal Widens

ATF Scandal Widens

“Project Gunwalker” may have strolled from Arizona to Texas.
The gun that was used by a smuggler to kill ICE Agent Jaime Zapata
last month in Mexico has been traced to a Texas gun shop, where it was
purchased by suspected gun traffickers who had reportedly been under
ATF surveillance for over a year.

According to an affidavit in the arrest of alleged straw purchasers,
Otilio and Ranferi Osorio, and Kelvin Morrison, they had previously
sold 40 guns to a federal agent, but had not been arrested.

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DOD and ATK Back Down

ATK and DOD Reverse Course

Military Brass Destruction (again) Halted

The on-again, off-again program to destroy once-fired brass appears to be off with strong statements by both DOD and ATK that the apparent revival of the program was based on dated information and reaffirming the company’s commitment to the Second Amendment and its civilian customers.  The Defense Department meanwhile responded the halt in shipping brass into surplus channels was merely a review.
Small arms cartridge cases are identified as a sensitive Munitions List item and were held pending review of the policy relating to the category of items in which cartridge cases were included. Upon review, the Defense Logistics Agency has determined the cartridge cases could be appropriately placed in a category of government property allowing for their release for sale.
ATK responded to MSSA’s queries here:
and DOD Responded to NRA queries here:
Thanks to Ammoland for helping us stay current.

Immediate action needed!

Halt destruction of military brass!

The following important release from our good friend Gary Marbut needs your immediate attention.  Once-fired military brass is being destroyed again and this time the enemy is in our own industry.  ATK Techsystem, manufacturers of powder and ammunition is buying up brass from base commanders and destroying it to keep it off of the civilian market.

This scheme is going to need consumer response and congressional intervention to stop it.

Please help to spread the word.  Repost this article and link back to it at, and contact friendly Senators and Representatives asking that they join efforts to require the DOD to sell brass for reloading rather than burning tax dollars to shred it.  Thanks to our good friend Gary Marbut of the Montana Shooting Sports Assocation.

Military Cartridge Brass Destruction 2010 – Round 2


Gary Marbut, President, Montana Shooting Sports Association

The cure that was arranged by Montana Senators Baucus and Tester to fix the intended military destruction of once-fired cartridge brass last year appears to be suffering from a fatal end-run.

Interested persons will remember that a year ago, helpful intervention by Montana’s senators persuaded the Department of Defense to rescind a fresh DoD directive to military installation commanders requiring them to destroy once-fired brass prior to selling it at auction into the civilian marketplace for ammunition reloading and other purposes.

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