Issa recaps F&F, drafts Contempt of Congress resolution

Representative Darrel Issa (R-CA) has ramped up his often repeated threat to charge Attorney General Eric Holder with Contempt of Congress over the DOJ’s stonewalling in the Fast & Furious investigation by publicly circulating a draft Contempt resolution.   True to form, Holder is shrugging off the threat and it looks unlikely, even if the resolution is formalized and passed, that it will make Holder responsive and accommodating to congressional investigators.  Contempt charges from Congress are rarely filed, and even more rarely passed for further action.  The last time Congress passed one of these resolutions was against Carl Rove in 2008.  That citation, from the House Judiciary Committee, was never taken up by the full house, cooperation was never obtained, and it, and another Contempt citation from the previous year against two other Bush staffers, is still in litigation.  At least this draft resolution does an excellent job of spelling out the specifics of the Fast & Furious case and points out the major flaws of the operation.

Read the full draft resolution and Rep. Issa’s explanatory memo by clicking here.