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Protection Of Lawful Commerce. Arms Have Been Unnecessarily Specified

ATF Releases Annual Firearms Manufacturers & Export Report
By focusing the original bill exclusively on the arms industry, proponents made garnering support for it a bit easier within the gun-rights world – while at the same time focusing opposition.

USA – -( The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, or PLCAA, has been coming under more intensive fire since Joe Biden was declared President of the United States, and it’s our own fault.

The PLCAA should just be the PLCA, the Protection of Lawful Commerce Act. The only reason the words “in Arms” were included, was specifically to make the bill a “gun bill,” to help motivate the troops and provide brownie points and bragging rights to politicians and lobbying organizations.

The introduction of the PLCAA was a legitimate response to the lawfare waged against the gun industry, but the legislation should have been much broader, encompassing all lawfully manufactured and sold products. By focusing the bill exclusively on the arms industry, proponents made garnering support for it a bit easier within the gun-rights world – while at the same time focusing opposition – and they avoided generating additional opposition from the powerful trial lawyers’ lobby, which opposed the bill, but didn’t put a lot of effort into their opposition.

They also painted a big, bright bullseye on the back of the law, and that’s what the Biden administration is aiming at now.

The above points were argued by Neal Knox back in 2004 when the PLCAA was first introduced. He reasoned that a broader bill would be somewhat harder to sell, and would run up against some stronger opposition, but that it would also bring in additional allies, and result in better law in the end.

The core premise of the PLCAA is that a manufacturer or seller of a lawful product, which is not defective and was not marketed under false pretexts, should not, and indeed may not, be held responsible for the misuse of that product by a third-party actor.

This should be true, regardless of what the product is. In fact, in most of the lawsuits that have been brought seeking to hold a manufacturer or seller of a lawful product accountable for the actions of someone misusing their product, the courts have ended up throwing the suits out as “frivolous” or unreasonable. But “most” is not good enough, and in the case of firearms and ammunition, the suits were becoming more and more frequent, and were well-funded, often with taxpayer dollars. They weren’t just occasional, random attempts by unscrupulous attorneys taking pot-shots at gun companies in hopes the companies would settle before the cases got tossed. The litigants acted with a clear and coordinated intent to bankrupt the firearms industry, not necessarily through winning, but by forcing the industry to defend itself. Repeatedly.

In any civil litigation, there’s a calculation that has to be made, weighing the cost of the litigation against the cost of settling early. Often the settlement costs are substantially lower than the litigation costs, even if the case is eventually tossed by the judge.

What the PLCAA effectively does is create a pretrial reality check, requiring the judge to look at the case right at the outset and determine whether there is a reasonable claim, or whether it is a case of someone trying to hold an innocent party responsible for the actions of an unrelated guilty party.

This should be standard procedure in all civil litigation. No individual, group, or government entity should be able to weaponize the courts as a way of beating down a person, business, or industry.

Along with the protections of judicial review up-front, before a whole lot of money has been spent on attorneys, and the restitution of those attorney fees if the case gets tossed, there should also be protections on the backside of civil litigation, in the form of restitution of legal fees for the prevailing party. That’s something the trial lawyers’ lobby has opposed for decades because it would cause many of their clients to hesitate before going forward with frivolous and abusive litigation.

The most prevalent talking point from opponents of the PLCAA, As we just heard again from Governor Cuomo in New York, is that the gun industry is the only industry in the US that enjoys protection from civil suits. While that’s not really true, the perception of imbalance is unacceptable, so it’s time to protect all lawful businesses from predatory legal assaults. While we continue to defend the PLCAA, The Firearms Coalition is proposing that members of Congress start working on the Protection of Lawful Commerce Act, shielding all lawful businesses from abusive lawfare attacks based on the actions of unrelated third parties. The PLCA would provide restitution of legal fees to victims of such abuse, both upfront, and on the backside of these attacks if they are allowed to proceed.

We might not have the votes to pass it until 2023, after the next congressional election, but let’s get it started right now.

You can help. Send a letter to your friendly Representative and Senators, urging them to support the Protection of Lawful Commerce Act. Include a copy of this article or a link to it, so they can see how and why it makes sense.

You are the Gun Lobby. Use your influence to get solid pro-rights legislation introduced and passed, even if it doesn’t mention guns.

We’ll have more to say about this proposal soon, so stay tuned.

The Epidemic Of Gun Lies ~ It’s All A Dangerous Diversion

USA – -( By now you’ve probably heard, or heard about, some of the outrageous statements made by President Joe Biden in his widely-touted speech to address the nation’s sudden spike in violent crime. The whole dog and pony show – led by the lying dog-face pony soldier in chief – was focused on gun control, specifically to distract from the other aspects of Biden’s initiative, and the dismal state of things in general under the Biden administration.

Even though the press conference was an unmitigated disaster, with Uncle Joe wandering so far off a script that even the historically protective “fact-checkers” were forced to rate some of his statements, such as the claim that; “The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own,” as 4 Pinocchio, pants on fire, falsehoods – in other words, lies. Biden went on to claim that at the time the Second Amendment was written, “you couldn’t buy cannons,” which is also unquestionably untrue.

Biden also wandered off-Teleprompter to take another crack at a line that had bombed for him during primary season, Jefferson’s famous quote about the “blood of patriots and tyrants.” This is as close as I can transcribe it from several video replays:

Those who say the blood of liberty… the, uh… blood of patriots… you know, and all this stuff about how we’re going to have to move against the government… Well, the tree of liberty is not watered with the blood of patriots. What’s happened is that there’s never been – if you wanna – think you need weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons. The point is, there’s always been the ability to limit – to rationally limit the type of weapon that can be owned and who can own it.


Once you sort through the babble and get a grasp on what he’s intending to say, it’s easy to understand how his previous attempt at this statement concluded with him garnering only 8.4% of the vote in the New Hampshire Primary, far behind Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and even Elizabeth Warren, leading many analysts to declare his campaign for President dead at that point. In that instance though, Biden couched his argument in more cogent, and even more threatening terms, when he said;

“Those who say ‘the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots’ – a great line – well guess what: The fact is, if you’re going to take on the government you need an F-15 with Hellfire Missiles. There is no way an AK-47 is going to take care of you if you’re worried about the government knocking down your door.”

Resident Biden’s mental decline in the past 18 months, is both obvious, and scary. This is the “leader of the free world?” The man who has Armageddon following him in a briefcase everywhere he goes, and who’s supposed to have certain nuclear launch codes memorized? […not a chance]

Vladimir Putin must be shaking in his boots after their recent meeting.

The brightest political strategist in the country couldn’t have come up with anything for Biden to say that would have outraged knowledgeable gun owners and history buffs more than these statements did. His nonsense rant guaranteed that irate gun guys would be howling for weeks, refuting Biden’s comments with tidbits from history, to prove how smart and knowledgeable we are, and how ignorant and out-of-touch he is. Unfortunately, all of this outrage and fact-checking is doing little more than to distract from the things the Biden team wants to keep under wraps.

The whole press conference, with its focus on the gun control aspects of the “Biden Plan” to stem violent crime, was definitely intended to distract from the other serious problems that are burning out of control around the country since Biden took over.

Biden and his crew have been dismantling anything and everything with President Trump’s fingerprints on it, regardless of how good or effective it might have been. The economy, inflation, astronomical debt, the border crisis, tensions in the Middle-East, tensions with Russia, tensions with China, the embarrassing Fauci “lab leak” theory, and just about anything and everything that the Biden administration has weighed in on, demonstrates a reverse Midas touch.

The problems that Trump seemed to have corralled, or at least damped down, all exploded with the advent of the Biden-Harris team, especially those things that Biden and Harris most harshly criticized Trump about.

But Biden’s biggest problem isn’t inflation, continuing unemployment, the slow economic recovery, world instability, or the growing number of kids in cages on the border. His biggest problem is the big divide within his party. The brains behind Biden-Harris – which we know don’t reside in the skulls of Biden or Harris – have recognized that the Democrats’ “woke” progressive wing, represented by academia, Silicon Valley, and a gaggle of radicals that unapologetically cite Marx and display the hammer and sickle, are fully at odds with the voting base of the Democratic Party. The adults among the Democrats – and there are some – recognize that the most important thing needed to reduce crime is more and better policing and putting bad actors in jail for extended periods. That view directly contradicts the idea of defunding the police, which is a major factor – maybe The major factor – in the current violent crime surge.

So Biden’s crime reduction plan not unreasonably includes increased funding for police, along with funding for various social programs, violence intervention, mental health, job training, and other programs. Some of it is potentially worthwhile, while a lot of it is just throwing money at the problem, creating opportunities for corruption and cover for the bad actors.

Their big worry for the press conference was to keep the focus away from the refunding of police, and far away from the root causes of the surge in violent crime: support for criminals, violent rioters, and looters, over the police and property owners.

Just as the “Broken Window” theory of policing shows that enforcing minor laws reduces the frequency of violations of major laws, the inverse is also true. Ignoring minor and major crimes has sent a clear signal to criminals and the criminally minded, that it’s open season. By bailing out violent rioters and looters – as Kamala Harris encouraged – and reducing or eliminating bail, reducing major felonies down to minor misdemeanors, releasing violent criminals early, and refusing to prosecute violent criminals, calling that “justice reform,” prosecutors, judges, and politicians have thrown the lid off of Pandora’s box, and invited career criminals and their young thug proteges, to do as they will and fear no consequences.

That’s the big truth that Joe Biden’s handlers don’t want penetrating into the public psyche, so they focus their attention on an issue that has a pretty clear, preexisting, culture war divide: gun control.

The tactic worked to some degree, but the American people are beginning to realize that they made a huge mistake last November, and now they’re trying to figure out what to do about it.

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. The main thing is to support Republican obstructionism, to keep the damage done by the extremist Democrats to a minimum. Then, in November of 2022, we can send a loud and clear message to DC, that we want no part of the crazy, criminal-empowering Democratic agenda.

It seems like a far-off objective, but believe me, the 2022 elections will be here before you know it, and GunVoters need to be ready and already engaged when they get here.

Stay tuned and stay armed.

The Federal Abuse of Gun Collector Albert Kwan

Gun Collector Albert Kwan
Gun Collector Albert Kwan

USA – -( The following is a slightly edited version of a plea I wrote for a GoFundMe campaign for my friend Albert Kwan. It should make your blood boil.

In 2005, Albert Kwan was living the American dream. Then the US government stepped in and turned his world upside down for no valid reason. They incarcerated him, ruined his reputation, destroyed his businesses, and almost cost him his US Army pension, then they prosecuted him on bogus charges that took Kwan over a decade, and almost a half-million dollars to overcome.

Today, Albert Kwan lives primarily on his small military pension, which he was supplementing with Christian mission work and recruiting of students for a US foreign exchange program, but a recent stroke and subsequent eye surgeries now limit his ability to travel or do that work.

I first wrote about Albert’s abuse at the hands of federal agents, back in 2009. Since then, he’s been exonerated in the gun cases, but the feds are still refusing to issue him an FFL, and now, with his health taking a turn for the worse, a group of us are raising money to help him with his current living expenses, and hopefully to build some savings with which to hire an attorney to sue the US government for the unjustifiable abuse they have put him through.

Caught-Up In an Unrelated Murder Investigation

In 2005, Albert Kwan was approached by federal agents investigating the 2001 murder of a US Attorney in Seattle. Authorities were able to determine that the gun used was a Makarov. They also determined that the gun had been updated with a popular aftermarket barrel. Kwan happened to be among the thousands of people who had purchased one of the 3,500 barrels known to have been sold. As a gun collector and former licensed firearms dealer, it is not unusual at all that Albert had purchased one of the barrels for one of the several Makarovs in his extensive collection, and Albert had no objection to the investigators inspecting his Makarovs or the aftermarket barrel.

Problems arose though, when Albert, in accordance with the advice he had received from his attorney, refused to allow FBI and BATFE agents unfettered access to his home and gun collection.

Instead, he gave the requested guns and parts to his attorney who passed them on to the federal agents. There was also an issue regarding how many barrels Kwan had purchased. Federal agents insisted, based on incomplete and chaotic sales and shipping records, that some 10 years prior, Kwan had purchased two of the suspect barrels, but Kwan insisted that he recalled purchasing only one barrel of the type the FBI was seeking. He turned over all of his Makarovs and barrels, along with similar Walther pistols and barrels, but the federal agents weren’t satisfied.

They felt that Kwan’s refusal to allow them to search his home was suspicious. They also had a suspect in the murder who happened to have lived near Kwan for a time, though there was no indication that they ever met.

With those two issues nagging at them, the agents discovered that Kwan had made arrangements to travel to China. Even though the trip had been planned months before Kwan had any contact with federal agents, and he routinely traveled back and forth to China, often several times a year, they characterized the trip as an attempt to flee.

Agents stopped Kwan at the airport, put him in handcuffs, and drug him to the Federal Court House in Seattle where they informed him that he was under arrest as a “material witness” in the investigation into the murder of US Attorney Thomas Wales.

Albert was held in solitary confinement in a Federal Detention Facility for over 20 days. He was handcuffed and shackled repeatedly and questioned over and over again about the supposed second Makarov barrel. Throughout his incarceration and afterward, federal agents issued press releases naming Kwan, or describing him, and implying that he was somehow connected to the murder of Thomas Wales. This exposure did serious damage to Albert Kwan’s reputation, destroying his commercial real estate business, costing him his Top Secret security clearance, and causing him to be suspended from his position in the US Army Reserves.

ATF Creates Evidence for False Gun Charges

After arresting Kwan, FBI agents obtained a warrant, and with a BATFE “firearms expert” in tow, they searched Albert’s house and gun collection, finding nothing of the “missing” Makarov barrel or anything else related to the Wales murder case. But the BATFE agent used the opportunity to identify certain guns in Kwan’s collection, which he thought might be “questionable,” so the very next day, a new warrant was issued to the BATFE, authorizing them to search Kwan’s home for illegal weapons.

The BATFE search yielded two guns that they claimed were illegal, and Kwan was threatened with prosecution for those two guns if he continued to refuse to tell the murder investigators what they wanted to know. Kwan insisted that he had told them everything he knew and that he was unable to change his story.

Federal prosecutors followed through on their threats, charging Kwan first with illegal possession of an unregistered machine gun, and later with illegal possession of an unregistered Short-Barreled Rifle.

The first “illegal” gun was an M14 rifle that had been legally built by a government contractor as a semi-auto-only, target rifle, and legally sold by a government agency to the civilian market back in the 1960s.

After modifying the gun with numerous parts from another full-auto M14 that Kwan legally owned, and spending some time modifying the receiver with a grinding tools, the BATFE “experts” were eventually able to make the gun fire full-auto.

After hearing the evidence and looking at the amount of work done by the BATFE “experts” to turn the gun into a full-auto, the jury concluded that the gun was a legal semi-automatic target rifle, just as Kwan had maintained. He was acquitted on that charge, but BATFE said they couldn’t return the rifle since it was now a machine gun and couldn’t be legally converted back. They destroyed both that gun and the full-auto M14 used as a parts donor. The original rifle, as a very unique sample, would be valued at several thousand dollars, and the legal, full-auto rifle would sell today for around $20,000.00 or more.

Kwan received no compensation for either.

Kwan was also charged with having an unregistered, Short-Barreled Rifle because they found a HK VP70Z pistol and a combination holster/stock for a VP70M. The BATFE claimed that, since the pistol was capable of accepting the stock, this constituted “constructive possession” of a Short-Barreled Rifle. They made this claim, even though Kwan also owned a legally registered, full-auto VP70M that was registered as a Short-Barreled Rifle. The BATFE insisted that the critical distinction was that the semi-auto version of the pistol was capable of accepting the shoulder stock. They convinced the jury and Kwan was found guilty, but the judge learned that the BATFE had misrepresented several pertinent facts, and he reversed the jury verdict, declaring a mistrial.

It took Kwan almost a decade to finally be declared Not Guilty and exonerated on all charges. It also cost him his life’s savings and then some.


In the end, Albert Kwan, who had served honorably in the US Army and Reserves for 29 years, first in the Infantry and later in Intelligence, where he was granted a Top Secret/SCI security clearance, worked for the US Immigration and Naturalization Service, and had started and run several successful businesses, including a commercial real estate business, interpreter services, recruiting for student exchange programs, and running a federally licensed firearms business, as well as assisting with Christian mission work overseas, was kidnapped by federal agents, held against his will, and prosecuted for non-crimes, all because he followed his lawyer’s advice and said No when federal agents asked to search his home without a warrant.

Now, at the age of 60, Albert suffers from premature health issues, including suffering a mild stroke and needing surgeries on both of his eyes. His reputation in the business community is still tainted. He was able to recover his Army pension but missed the opportunity to serve with his unit in a second deployment to Afghanistan. He was forced to send most of his firearm collection into storage out of state, where it was pillaged by thieves, and he was recently denied his final appeal in trying to force the BATFE to issue him a new Federal Firearms License, which means that he cannot resume his firearm business.

The whole ordeal has cost Albert close to a half-a-million dollars.

The federal government has never apologized for what they did to Albert, and they’ve never paid anything in the way of restitution or compensation for what they took from him. While he’s not destitute, he is struggling to make ends meet, and has been forced to sell some of his most prized possessions, just to cover taxes on his long-time home.

I, and others, believe the US government owes Albert Kwan something, and we’re hoping that a GoFundMe campaign will not only help Albert meet his current financial needs but that it will enable him to fund a retainer fee for a civil rights attorney to file suit for wrongful prosecution and abuse of power against the federal government [read: BATF].

You can contribute to Albert’s GoFundMe campaign by clicking here. Any help you choose to give is greatly appreciated.

NRA Board Election Endorsements for 2021 ~ Including Who NOT to Vote For

If you are a Voting Member of the National Rifle Association, you should have received your ballot for this year’s NRA Director elections. The ballots are primarily distributed as an insert in your NRA magazine (the June/July edition), or for those who don’t receive a physical magazine, your ballot should be mailed as a stand-alone piece.

Only Life Members and Annual Member who have maintained their membership for 5 consecutive years, are eligible to vote.

Due to the pandemic, the schedule got twisted in a way that made it impossible for any petition candidates to qualify for the 2021 ballot. That’s likely to happen again next year. The Nominating Committee could have made accommodations for the unusual circumstances, but moved on in business-as-usual fashion, disregarding the Bylaws and the concerns of the members. I’m particularly disappointed in Bob Barr, who chaired the Nominating Committee last year, as once again, the most important factor in whether someone received a nomination, appears to have been whether they are likely to support Wayne LaPierre and the current leadership.

On your ballot, you have 28 candidates to fill 25 seats. Note that although you can vote for up to 25 names, you are not obligated to vote for that number. Voting for less than 25 amounts to a vote against the other candidates.

Most of the candidates offered are current members of the Board, and almost all of those will be reelected, just because the majority of Voting Members who bother to vote, routinely vote for incumbents first.

I am endorsing only two candidates whose names appear on the ballot:

  • Owen Buz Mills of Paulden, Arizona, and James Tomes of Wadesville, Indiana. Buz Mills is the owner of Gun Site Academy, and has long been active in Arizona politics, including a run for governor.
  • Jim Tomes is the founder of a solid 2A group in Indiana, and served several years in the Indiana Senate. I’ve known him for many years and know him to be a man of humility and integrity.

Those are the only names on the ballot I can endorse. I encourage you to mark your ballot for only those two and no one else, then turn the ballot over and write in the following three names:

  • Frank C. Tait of Wayne, PA
  • R.B. Rocky Marshall of Boerne, TX
  • Duane Liptak, Jr. of Austin, TX

As usual, the ballot includes a share of people whose policy positions have earned my direct opposition. At the top of the Don’t Vote For list is current Board President Carolyn Meadows of Marietta, Georgia who is one of Wayne LaPierre’s biggest enablers. Mrs. Meadows has the support of the American Conservative Union [a hot-bed of RINO Republicans] and historically has easily won her seat, coming in 4th or 5th in the balloting each time she runs. I have no illusions that I can block her reelection, but I want my opposition on the record.

Another American Conservative Union-associated candidate on the ballot is Past President David Keene of Fort Washington, Maryland. Mr. Keene has also been an outspoken supporter of LaPierre and company, and much of the financial chicanery that has put the NRA in such a precarious position happened during his presidency. Since his terms as President, Mr. Keene has been receiving some $50k per year to attend Friends of NRA Banquets. What dedication! By sheer coincidence, an article penned by Mr. Keene happens to be included in the magazines, just after the ballots. Between his support from the ACU and his name and picture being prominently placed next to the ballot in the magazines, it’s again, highly unlikely that we can block his reelection, but tell your friends, he doesn’t deserve your vote.

The final candidate I’m actively opposing is Scott Bach of Newfoundland, New Jersey. I have endorsed Mr. Bach in the past, but his dogged defense of LaPierre has earned my opposition. Mr. Bach was one of the first members of the Board to publicly come out in support of LaPierre after the revelations that were published in the New Yorker in early 2019. In an article in Ammoland Shooting Sports News, he explained that it was LaPierre who discovered the “problems” in the NRA, and made the necessary “course corrections” to “right the ship.” What Mr. Bach failed to explain is why it took LaPierre over 20 years to notice the exact “problems” that he went to war with Neal Knox to preserve in 1997, but has supposedly corrected now, and that well after the “course corrections,” LaPierre and others, including scandal-ridden former Treasurer Woody Phillips, and shameless self-promoter Marion Hammer, received massive “golden parachute” contracts promising them millions in future “consulting” payments. He also failed to explain why the NRA has continued to pay Democrat attorney William Brewer over $2 million per month, after LaPierre repeatedly declared that Brewer was “the only one who can keep me out of jail.”

NRA Board Election Ballot 2021
NRA Board Election Ballot 2021

There are several others on the ballot who I really don’t think belong on the NRA Board of Directors, but the truth is, the seats are going to be filled. For the sake of ease of sharing, I’ll leave the Don’t Vote For list at just these three: Meadows, Keene, and Bach.

The candidates elected in this election will be seated at the Members’ Meeting in Houston on September 4 2021. They will then join the other 50 Directors at a Board of Directors meeting in Houston on Monday September 6, at which time the President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, and Executive Vice President will all be elected. Historically, the Nominating Committee simply puts forward a slate of the incumbents, and no one else is nominated, so the slate is “elected by acclamation.” That’s what happened in Indianapolis in 2019, and in Tucson in 2020, and that’s what they want to happen in Houston in 2021.

This year, we intend to offer a full slate of alternative candidates to challenge the incumbents, but we need your help to make those efforts successful.

We need you to be actively lobbying every current and potential future member of the Board, demanding that they stop the lies and corruption, and return the Association to the members. There are only about 15 Directors who are completely in the tank for LaPierre and company, and about an equal number who are very troubled by the current regime and the situation they’ve created. The rest just sort of follow the path of least resistance, so it’s critical that you pressure them to stop spending the NRA’s resources on protection of LaPierre, and start focusing on protection of the NRA.

Here are some questions to ask current NRA Board Members:

  1. Do you believe Wayne LaPierre’s continued employment by NRA helps or hurts the organization and its mission?
  2. Do you believe Wayne LaPierre’s continued employment by NRA helps or hurts the NRA’s case in NY?
  3. Who do you think would make a reasonable candidate for Interim EVP, to realign the NRA, if LaPierre were to resign tomorrow? Give two options please.
  4. Can you suggest two names of current Directors who you could/would support for President of the Board?
  5. Can you suggest two names of Directors who you could/would support for 1st VP of the Board?
  6. Can you suggest two names of Directors who you could/would support for 2nd VP of the Board?

Don’t let them skirt around these simple questions – get answers.

Remind these Directors that their first loyalty is supposed to be to the Association and its members, not any one man or leadership team. If Wayne LaPierre really cared about the Association, he’d have resigned, just to avoid being any sort of obstacle to NRA’s future success, whether he had done anything wrong or not. If Directors were thinking about the good of the Association first, they’d have demanded LaPierre’s resignation, and elected someone to replace him in Indianapolis in 2019, rather than circling the wagons around him and spending tens of millions defending him over the best interests of the Association for the past two years.

The final lobbying effort comes in Houston at the Members’ Meeting, where we need to turn out in droves to demand that the Board do what they should have done over two years ago, and elect someone with an untarnished record to lead the Association’s defense in the New York case, and on to restoration of the Association.

It’s up to you. I’m just a gnat buzzing around the Board’s ears. You’re who they’re supposed to be working for. If you don’t push them between now and September to do what’s right, then show up in Houston on September 4, to demand that they take action, then the battle is lost – possibly forever, as Letitia James has said she intends to resume the case against NRA and LaPierre early next year.

Houston in September could very well be our last opportunity to right the ship and save the NRA, so now is the time to lobby your Directors and stand up for your Association.

Please share this article with all of your NRA member friends. We need everyone working together on this.

Gun Rights Legend & Activist Neal Knox’s Guns Up for Auction

Westerns Arms 2Nd Model Dragoon And Lyman 1858 Reproduction Percussion Revolvers From the collection of Neal Knox
Westerns Arms 2Nd Model Dragoon And Lyman 1858 Reproduction Percussion Revolvers From the collection of Neal Knox

USA – -( A number of guns from the collection of my father, Neal Knox, are being auctioned by Morphy auctions this week, December 16th through 18th, 2020.  I’m afraid I was too busy with the elections to participate in the auction arrangements or promotion, and things have snuck up on me, so my apologies for the short notice.

Anyone interested in bidding on the guns, or just looking, can view the auction catalog at the Morphy Auctions website.  Dad’s guns are identified as being “From the collection of Neal Knox,” so a search on the name “Knox” will show you all of them (plus a Civil War relic with a connection to Knoxville, Tennessee, but no connection to our family).  I believe there are a total of about 53 lots from Dad’s collection in this auction.

Morphy December 16, 17, & 18, 2020 Field & Range Firearms Auction

Four of Dad’s guns, in three lots, were sold in a Morphy auction in November, including a Ruger Blackhawk in .30 Carbine that Dad acquired in 1968 with a serial number of 47.  There was also one of Dad’s very few safe queens, a beautiful Browning Olympic rifle which he picked up on a smoking deal many years ago at a gun show.  The final lot in that auction consisted of two almost identical Remington Model 742 Woodsmaster semi-auto rifles in .30-06.  They were both presentation guns given to attendees at a gun writer convention back in 1967.  The only differences between the two guns are their serial numbers and the names of the writers each rifle was presented to.  One is engraved with the name “Neal Knox,” the other is engraved with the name of his friend “Elmer Keith.”  Elmer gave his rifle to Dad, and Dad was always proud to have them side-by-side in his gun rack.  I was particularly disappointed in the price those 2 guns sold for as I loved the provenance.

Dad always referred to himself as more of an “accumulator” than a “collector.”  As a prominent gun writer through the 1960s and ‘70s, he had access to all of the new guns and gear and often had the opportunity to get a “brother-in-law discount” on guns he had reviewed.  That means there are quite a few great examples of guns from the ‘60s and ‘70s in the collection, with many of them having been featured in articles in publications like RifleHandloaderGun WeekGuns, or Guns & Ammo.  Dad was also an avid hunter, top-notch skeet addict, and National Champion Benchrest shooter, and those passions are well represented in the collection, especially the numerous Trap, Skeet, and Field shotguns that he accumulated over the years, and the several Benchrest rifles being offered, including the Shillen DGA rifle he used to win the Benchrest Nationals.

We weren’t able to get all of the guns’ histories into the auction descriptions, but we’re happy to answer questions and share information we have about any particular gun, whether from prospective buyers, or after the sale.  Inquiries can be sent to

Again, my apologies for not getting more information about this auction out sooner.  This auction represents the bulk of Dad’s collection.  There are a few guns that are currently in the hands of various family members, and which might be offered for sale at some point in the future, but if you’re interested in owning a gun that belonged to Neal Knox, this is your best opportunity to do so.

All proceeds from this auction will go directly into my mother’s estate to provide for her care as she struggles with health issues. Again, Dad’s guns will be part of a larger auction being held by Morphy Auctions this week, December 16 – 18, 2020.

You can review the auction at, or click here.

Virtual Gun Rights Policy Conference

The Gun Rights Policy Conference videos started on Saturday, September 19, and remain available for you to view any time.

Jeff Knox’s presentation can be found in the video labeled Part 2, at about the 2:48 mark, using the following link.

A complete roster of speakers is available here, with video Part 1 being Saturday morning, Part 2 Saturday afternoon, Part 3 Sunday morning, and Part 4 Sunday afternoon.

Liberty, AZ, USA – -( Anyone who’s been involved in the gun rights movement for very long is familiar with the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, or GRPC.

For 35 years, the GRPC has served as a critical component of the movement, bringing together activists and rights leaders from all over the U.S. and the world, for two days of presentations, reports, networking, note sharing, and camaraderie.

This year, thanks to the complicating factors of COVID-19 and the various restrictions and limitations put in place by governors and county and state health agencies, the organizers of GRPC have decided to shift to a “virtual” format. All of the presentations will be presented online, simultaneously on YouTube, Facebook, and AmmoLand News, with most of the presenters standing by to participate in live chats with attendees during, and after, their presentations.

The event starts this Saturday, September 19, at 10:00 Central Time, and runs through Sunday, September 20 at about 6:00. While the entire event will be archived for later review, I encourage you to try and watch the original broadcast and interact with the speakers.

A schedule of speakers and their time slots is available here:

I am scheduled to give a presentation on Saturday afternoon at 4:44 Central Daylight Time, which is 2:44 Pacific and Arizona time, 3:44 Mountain, and 5:44 Eastern.
Please join us for this unprecedented event, and invite your friends. Join with thousands of fellow Second Amendment supporters across the country who will be tuning in and participating. Also, please consider sharing this article on your social media pages.

You are the Gun Lobby, and the GRPC can provide you with a ton of useful information, connections, ideas, and ammunition to help you be more effective in your local battles.
I hope to see you there.

Gun Rights Policy Conference 2020 Banner
Gun Rights Policy Conference 2020 Banner

2020 NRA Annual Member Meeting Registration Now Open – Very Limited Space

National Rifle Association NRA
2020 NRA Annual Member Meeting Registration Now Open – Very Limited Space

USA – -( The NRA has opened up “Preregistration” for the October 24th, 2020, Members’ Meeting in Tucson, starting at NOON on September 15th, Arizona time!

We’re just over a month away from the NRA Annual Meeting, which has been twice moved and rescheduled, and which is now scheduled to take place in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday, October 24, 2020.

The venue for the meeting is a luxury resort hotel on the far north side of the city, with a large ballroom, but limited capacity under COVID restrictions. NRA watchers have been wondering how the Association plans to handle the situation, and on Monday, September 15, 2020, we found out.

We were informed that on Tuesday, September 16, people wishing to attend the Members’ Meeting in Tucson would need to preregister online, by going to

Arizona’s current COVID restrictions are somewhat confusing. Public gatherings are limited to no more than 50 people, but a members-only event should not be considered a “public” gathering, which should mean that the maximum capacity should be approximately half the normal capacity for the venue. That should be approximately 500 people for the hotel ballroom that has been selected, but there are rumors that the limit will be much lower than that. Who knows? It’s also quite possible that the Governor of Arizona will decide to loosen COVID restrictions at some point between now and October 24. Again, who knows?

What matters right now is that everyone who is at all interested in attending the NRA Members’ Meeting in Tucson on October 24, get registered TODAY.

I’ll share any additional information as it becomes available.

Josh Powell’s Book a Kiss & Tell on Inside Dealings of the National Rifle Association

Inside the NRA A Tell-All Account of Corruption
Inside the NRA A Tell-All Account of Corruption

Liberty, AZ, USA – It was almost a year ago that I had a conversation with several other concerned NRA members about the curious case of Josh Powell.

It was shortly after the annual Fall Board Meeting in 2019, which had been hastily relocated from Anchorage Alaska to Northern Virginia, and we were speculating on why Powell hadn’t yet been fired. He had driven NRA’s Carry Guard program straight into the ground, costing millions and seriously disrupting the whole Education and Training Division in the process. He had multiple accusations of sexual harassment against him and had either created or had failed to rectify, serious problems within the NRA Competitions Division and among competitive shooters.

The consensus among our little discussion group, was that Powell probably had too much information about too many of the people and activities deep inside the NRA’s inner circle, and he was being kept on the payroll to keep him from sharing any of that information – either with investigators from New York and DC or with reporters and NRA members.

A few months later, Powell was finally fired, and several of us were looking for details on the outrageous severance package that we assumed he must have received to purchase his silence. Barring that, we expected another series of anonymously-sourced articles revealing sordid details of NRA executives behaving badly.

But Powell has surprised most all of us, with the announcement of his new book;

“Inside the NRA: A Tell-All Account of Corruption, Greed and Paranoia Within the Most Powerful Political Group in America.

Powell says he rejected a handsome severance package because it included a strict non-disclosure agreement, which he wasn’t willing to sign. I interpret that to mean that LaPierre wasn’t willing to fork over enough to buy Powell’s silence, so he instead either relied on loyalty or the principle of all hanging together to avoid hanging separately. What a significant error. I suspect that Powell probably worked a deal with Letitia James’ office to allow him to publish the book without fear of legal complications, though it could be a simple bet that he thinks he can make more off of the book than he was offered in the severance package. But there’s always the possibility that someone like Bloomberg saw the potential of a resource like Powell, and offered him a quiet advance on a book deal.

Whatever the process, I have to wonder what could possibly come out in the book that isn’t already known? After all, the accusations in the New York suit are based primarily on depositions given to the NY AG’s office by various current and former NRA employees, including Powell. If he includes things in his book that he omitted from his deposition to NY investigators, he’d be opening himself up to charges of perjury or worse. But, as mentioned above, Powell might have cut a deal in advance, and there’s no doubt that he was present for a lot of meetings and events, the details of which will make for interesting reading.

Of course, whatever Powell says in the book will be dismissed by the NRA as merely the sour grapes of a disgruntled, former employee. I recall an NRA spokesperson saying that the organization doesn’t comment on works of fiction, in response to questions raised by unflattering depictions of LaPierre in Richard Feldman’s book “Ricochet: Confessions of a Gun Lobbyist.” There’s also the possibility that we’ll see Powell sued by LaPierre’s attorney, William Brewer, to either suppress the book or at least suck down the profits a bit. That legal action will, of course, be paid for with NRA members’ money.

Joshua Powell
Joshua Powell

For those who might not be familiar with Josh Powell, that’s not surprising. Powell appeared on the NRA scene, seemingly out of the blue, just a few years ago. Few people in the industry were familiar with him and virtually no one within the rights movement knew his name. Powell appeared on the NRA Nominating Committee’s slate of candidates for the Board in 2013, for the 2014 election. He was elected as one of the establishment candidates, but not long thereafter, he was offered a job in Headquarters as LaPierre’s right-hand man. Then, a couple of years later, in 2017, LaPierre fired the Executive Director of General Operations, Kyle Weaver. Weaver had worked his way up through the ranks of the NRA, as a dedicated, hard-working, true believer, and had begun to be mentioned as a possible successor to Wayne. Then suddenly, he was gone and Powell was being touted as the heir apparent. The only explanation LaPierre offered to Board members who asked about Weaver’s sudden departure, was that he couldn’t talk about it yet, but that it “had to be done,” and he’d disclose everything soon.

Soon never came, and to my knowledge, no explanation has ever been given as to why Weaver, the number two man in the entire NRA operation, had been summarily fired. What we do know is that Weaver appears to have continued receiving his full, $720,000 annual compensation for at least two years after leaving NRA. He now serves as Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Weaver was initially replaced by then-Deputy Director of General Operations, Joe DeBergalis, who was also recruited from the Board of Directors. He appears to have been paid $368,000 as Deputy Director, then $461,000 as Acting Director of General Operations, until he was replaced by LaPierre’s Chief of Staff, Josh Powell, who was already pulling down over $711,000. That jumped to about $920,000 after Powell took over General Operations.

Powell appears to be one of those guys with a reverse-Midas touch, as in everything he touches turns into something exactly the opposite of gold. He started in the outdoors industry in the catalog business, selling high-end “safari” and “expedition” clothing. He appears to have tried that in a couple of different iterations, all of which failed, leaving a trail of lawsuits and bankruptcies in his wake. At NRA, Powell took charge of the new NRA Carry Guard program, immediately stepping in excrement when he barred the US Concealed Carry Association and other groups that offered concealed carry insurance, from exhibiting at the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits. That created quite a brouhaha and was widely seen as petty and vindictive.

Things went downhill from there, with New York, then Washington State and then several other states, throwing penalty flags on Carry Guard and the sales and marketing practices being employed by NRA and its contractors. This led to a variety of fines, penalties, and lawsuits, costing NRA tens of millions of dollars. New York led the charge, but overplayed their hand, threatening any business that did business with the NRA. Their heavy-handed tactics were so egregious that even the ACLU came to NRA’s defense. This led to NRA suing New York and its governor, Andrew Cuomo. That suit is ongoing and has been ridiculously expensive for the Association.

Powell was never well-liked by NRA staffers or the Board of Directors. While he was often mentioned as being groomed to take the EVP position if Wayne decided to retire, several Directors told me in no uncertain terms that they would never allow that to happen. The only people Powell actually seemed to get along with were Wayne, his new attorney, Bill Brewer, and former NRA President Pete Brownell.

The revelations in Powell’s book could be interesting, after all, he was very close to LaPierre during a pivotal and contentious time, so there’s really no telling what sort of information he might have been privy to, but it seems unlikely that there would be a large enough market for the book to make it worth walking away from, what was probably better than a million-dollar severance package.

I’m hoping to procure an advance copy of the book, and I’ll let you know what I find.

New York Attorney General Finally Pulls the Trigger on the NRA

New York Attorney General Letitia James declared her intention to tear down the NRA years ago, even before her election as AG, and she’s finally making good on the threat. The AG’s office filed suit against the Association, claiming that executives and leaders in the NRA had grossly abused their positions, and misappropriated some $64 million dollars from NRA funds. Her remedy for the corruption and malfeasance is to dissolve the Association and dole out its assets among other charitable organizations within the state of New York.

While there is no doubt that the investigation into the NRA and the suit are politically motivated and intended to damage the gun rights movement as well as Donald Trump’s reelection bid, the brutal truth is that the suit has merit. The NRA leadership has been corrupt and complicit in corruption for at least 20 years.

In response to the suit, the NRA immediately filed a counter-suit against the state of New York for using the power of the state to squelch the Association’s First Amendment rights.

In a letter to NRA Board Members, NRA CEO and Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre declared his intention to fight the attack to the bitter end, and I have no doubt that he will absolutely do so, right down to the last penny in NRA’s treasury.

I have a problem with that, and so should you, if you’re an NRA member. The lawsuit against the NRA stems from improper use of funds on the part of LaPierre and his executive staff. Most of the allegations against LaPierre and company have never been adequately addressed, or even denied. Instead, excuses and counter-charges have been offered up, most of them blaming the messenger. The bulk of LaPierre’s dirty laundry was exposed in an article by reporter Mike Spies, who was working for Bloomberg’s anti-rights “newsroom” entity “The Trace.” Spies was given an assignment to flesh-out some rumors and see what kind of dirt he could dig up on the NRA and its leaders. It turned out that there was a lot of dirt available not far below the surface, and there were a number of NRA employees and former employees ready to share what they knew about the shady dealings of NRA’s top executives.

Spies is a good investigative reporter. His story has details of bloated contracts, cronyism, nepotism, self-dealing, and other chicanery, with documentation and corroboration from multiple sources. Like the lawsuit from New York, the motivation for digging into NRA’s financial affairs was unquestionably political, but the results aren’t based on the motivations of the person doing the digging. As always, I wear my own bias on my sleeve, encouraging readers to recognize that, in spite of my efforts to be fair and accurate, my family’s long and tumultuous history with the NRA could be tainting my reporting, so I encourage people to always explore multiple sources. The NRA brass led with their chins. AG James has obliged them with what could be a knockout blow.

Despite the merit of Letitia James’ lawsuit, her remedy – dissolution of the Association – is nothing short of ludicrous. Her obligation and responsibility is to protect the owners of the organization’s assets. In this case, that means protecting the NRA members who fund the organization. Removing top executives, LaPierre in particular, would be reasonable and justifiable, as would removing the entire Board of Directors and possibly restructuring the leadership. Anything beyond that would be punishing the victims – NRA members.

But that’s exactly what James and Cuomo want to do.

That is because at its heart, this is all about their disagreement with the political positions of the NRA, and not at all about protecting the Association or its members.

The NRA could make a very sound argument to that effect, and probably resolve this whole mess in a matter of days, rather than the long years that I expect this to actually last. If the NRA actually had leaders who cared about the members, leaders who were looking out for their best interests, everyone with even a hint of scandal would have already been removed from their positions, and a series of reforms and protections would have been put into place to ensure that the Association could move forward without repeating the mistakes of the past. The guilty parties who were getting rich off of the largess of NRA members, might even be brought up on criminal charges, and sued to recover some of what they improperly took.

Over a year ago, I said the NRA Board of Directors had two choices in the face of the revelations of malfeasance at the top of the organization:

  1. They could remove the miscreants and fix the problems, admitting any wrongdoing, and facing whatever uncomfortable music might come along with that admission, or
  2. They could circle the wagons around Wayne LaPierre and keep circling right down the toilet.

That same choice is presenting itself once again, but this time the stakes are even higher and the crowd is watching. The Board of Directors will soon have a convenient opportunity to replace Wayne LaPierre with a simple majority vote. If they take that opportunity, and follow-up with other reforms and course corrections, they could be in a reasonable position to walk into court and convince a judge to dismiss the suit against the Association with minimal damage.

Not taking that opportunity will mean years of continuing legal wrangling with the authorities in New York, costing the Association millions of dollars every month in direct expenses, and costing them millions more in lost revenue because so many people see LaPierre as a problem and refuse to support the organizations as long as he remains in office. It also means foregoing any chance of recovering any of the tens of millions of dollars that were improperly sucked out of NRA’s coffers over the years by LaPierre and his cronies.

The NRA has canceled, rescheduled, and canceled again their Annual Meeting of Members. They are now saying that they will hold the meeting on October 24th in Tucson, Arizona, the same day that the Second Amendment Rally is scheduled in Washington DC. If this date holds, I hope thousands of NRA members from around the country will make it a point to attend and demand that the Board of Directors take meaningful action to stop the lunacy and put the NRA back on track again.

If Letitia James and Andrew Cuomo get their way, the NRA will spend the next several years spending every dime they can raise on various lawsuits and complaints, rather than fighting for the rights of their members, and in the end, whatever remains will be confiscated and distributed to other causes that James and Cuomo consider “worthy.” While they might not be able to legally dissolve the Association, they most certainly are able to capture its focus and spending to keep it from effectively accomplishing its core missions, and wasting its money on worthless causes.

The NRA is more important than any one person or small group of people. It is stupid and corrupt for the Board of Directors to allow Wayne LaPierre and John Frazer, who are both cited for their roles in the misdeeds the NY lawsuit is based on, to select and supervise the attorneys responsible for defending the NRA in court. At a minimum, the Board of Directors should hire independent counsel with explicit instructions to defend the Association, not any officers, or employees. LaPierre, Frazer, and any other NRA officers, employees, or contractors, should not even have a hint of control or management of those attorneys or their conduct of the case.

As things stand, the NRA attorneys were hired and are controlled by Wayne LaPierre, and it is clear that they are treating LaPierre as their primary client, protecting him over the NRA membership, and sucking millions of dollars a month from member assets, in the process.

The lunatics are indeed in control of the asylum.

Are You Doing Your Part to Save the Republic?

Go Vote Ballot
This year, voters have a simpler choice than they’ve had in decades. Either you blindly believe that “orange-man-bad” and must be stopped at any cost, or you vote R.

Liberty, AZ  USA – -( Hello AmmoLand have you missed me? Regular readers of my columns might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a while. Subscribers to our newsletter have also started contacting me wondering why they haven’t received a Hard Corps Report since March 2020. It’s not that I’ve given up on The Firearms Coalition and my writing career, it’s that I’ve been busy trying to save the Republic, and now I’m calling on you to do your part.

It’s Primary Election season here in Arizona, and when election season rolls around, I get turned upside-down trying to get the best possible candidates qualified for election to local, state, and federal offices. I work with one of the top, conservative campaign consultants in the state, finding quality candidates, vetting them, helping them organize, generating ad copy, finding and wrangling volunteers (there are never enough), and generating endless streams of mailing, walking, and calling lists to help with voter contact.

No doubt you and your friends and family are sick and tired of all of the postcards, letters, phone calls, and unsolicited text messages you’ve been receiving from candidates and third-party advocacy groups. Then there are the incessant ads on the radio, TV, newspapers, and all over the internet, not to mention strangers knocking on your door and leaving “literature” on your doorstep.

It can be a nuisance, but it’s the only way to get the electorate’s (your) attention and sway their (your) vote.

Perhaps you’re that rare exception, a voter who seeks out information about the candidates, studies their voting records, attends Town Hall meetings, and goes into the voting booth with a clear understanding of who you intend to vote for and why. If that’s you, I sincerely apologize for my role in filling your mailbox and interrupting your dinner. But the sad fact is, the vast majority of Americans pay almost no attention at all to politics and elections. I would venture to bet that most of them can’t even name the Vice President.

Let’s take a little test. Run down in your head the various offices that will be on your ballot in November, and see how many incumbents and candidates you can name off the top of your head. President and Vice President, your Representative, your two Senators. Okay, how about your State Representatives and State Senator (or whatever they’re called where you live)? Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer? County Commissioner, Mayor, City Council Member? What about Judges, your Justice of the Peace, Constable, County Assessor, School Board members?

I’m a political junkie, a Precinct Committeeman, and activist, but when I take this test, even I find gaps in my knowledge, especially when it comes to new candidates seeking to fill those positions. It’s a lot to try and keep track of, and party affiliation isn’t always reliable or even available. In many places, City Council and some other positions are “non-partisan.” Well, they’re officially “non-partisan,” but the reality is that there is almost always party involvement behind the scenes. And don’t forget Mike Bloomberg, who, when he couldn’t secure the Democratic nomination for Mayor of New York, changed from Democrat to Republican to buy that office, then switched to Independent, and finally switched back to Democrat when he tried to purchase the Presidency. He’s an extreme example, but it just shows that the D or R labels aren’t always reliable.

All of that said, this year, voters have a simpler choice than they’ve had in decades. Either you blindly believe that “orange-man-bad” and he must be stopped at any cost even the destruction of our republic, so you vote D. Or you believe that Marxists have taken over the Democratic Party and they must lose in a landslide to save our history and our children’s future, so you vote R.

Personally, I’m in the second camp. As a life-long Republican, I have been sorely disappointed with my party over the years, and I am completely disgusted with their lack of fiscal responsibility. I have never been a fan of Donald Trump. I don’t like a lot that he says or how he says it, and I don’t always agree with what he does. But I’m going to vote for him, and every other candidate on the ballot with an “R” after their name, because that’s the only way to block the absolutely insane Democrats and the destruction their being in charge would bring.

Besides, while there is a lot I don’t like about Donald Trump, there is a lot that Trump and Republicans in Congress have gotten right. Before the new corona virus drove everyone crazy, the country was on a positive roll, with the economy booming, unemployment dropping, and the future looking bright.

Meanwhile, since the election of President Trump, Democrats have completely lost their minds, and they’ve kept going downhill from there.

They started with the empty “Russian collusion” investigation, the atrocious assault on Judge Kavanaugh (based on one muddy, totally unsubstantiated accusation from his teens), the impeachment, which uncovered far more dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden than on Donald Trump, and the ongoing casting of blame regarding the corona virus. This year we’ve also seen the ridiculous pandering by Democratic leaders to Marxist revolutionaries, endless “lock-downs,” and absolutely insane policy proposals – from defunding the police, to raising taxes by thousands of dollars per person, to supporting and empowering rioting, looting, and assaults on federal property and officers – all while pushing draconian gun control laws at every opportunity.

As I see it, the Democratic party has driven off a cliff like Thelma and Louise. If Donald Trump and Republicans prevail in November, I believe we will have four more years in which to try and save the country. If not, the nation will look more and more like Portland and Seattle, with endless demands for the dismantling of our civilization and the end of our Republic.
So to me, the choice is clear, but maybe you see things differently. After all, Trump did ban bump-stocks (with encouragement from the NRA), and he did express support for “red flag” laws (before he backtracked and opposed them). As a consequence, you may refuse to give him or his party your vote.

Okay, but understand that the result will be Joe Biden (or whoever the Democrats come up with to replace him) and the lunacy of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Or maybe you believe capitalism is bad and it’s time for the U.S. to give Marxism a shot. Hey, it’s never worked anywhere else that it’s been tried, but the U.S. is exceptional… Wait… I believe it’s racist (or something negative-ist) to say that now, according to you Marxists, so, since the U.S. is not exceptional, where do you get the idea that Americans could do Marxism better than everyone else who has tried it and ended up with poverty and bodies stacked like cordwood?

Or maybe you’re one of these people who is sure that things have gone too far and there’s no way out besides a real live revolution. Maybe you’re right, but are you willing to bet your children’s future on it and going to refuse to even try to avoid such a calamity by at least turning out to vote?

Regardless of what you believe about Republicans, Democrats, Marxists, or the boogaloo, this is the most important election of our lives. It’s going to happen with or without you, and you’re going to have to live with the results. Therefore I believe it is incumbent on all of us to do everything we can to make the results in November what we hope for them to be.

If you aren’t registered to vote, you still have time to fix that. There is no down-side to being registered to vote, except you might get a little more junk mail. If you think avoiding junk mail is worth surrendering your liberty, I have nothing more to say to you.

If you are registered, get active. If you’re a Democrat, but not a Marxist, your party desperately needs you to help stop the Marxist takeover. If you’re a Libertarian, stop pissing in the wind and put your effort into actually winning elections or shifting the Republicans or the Democrats toward your views. If you’re a conservative Republican, dispense with the purity tests and work to get Republicans elected. If you’re a “moderate” Republican, stop saying and doing things that help to elect Democrats. You can all go back to arguing about RINOs and spending and social issues after the current, clear, and present danger to the Republic is blocked.

As I mentioned, I’m not just preaching, I’m practicing what I preach. I’m a Committeeman and Precinct Captain, and I’m actively working for solid, conservative candidates. As the election gets closer, I’ll be making phone calls, knocking on doors, writing letters to the editor, and doing everything in my power to get Republicans elected – even the Republicans that I don’t think are Republican enough – because it’s the only way to stop the Democrats, and I believe the Republic depends on it.

My articles and the newsletter are my primary means of support. While I get paid for some of my political consulting work, it doesn’t begin to make up for what it costs me to be letting my writing fall behind. If I don’t write, The Firearms Coalition doesn’t make money, and if it doesn’t make money, I don’t get paid. Simple as that. I’m hoping to get a newsletter out during the brief lull between the primaries and the general, but that might not be possible, so don’t be surprised if one doesn’t arrive, and maybe consider throwing a couple of bucks my way to help keep me afloat until I can focus more on gun rights and making a living, rather than promoting politicians.

The U.S. isn’t perfect, but it’s worth preserving and protecting. I believed that when I took my oath joining the Army in 1978, and I stand by that oath today. I hope you’ll stand with me and do your part to elect quality people and save the Republic. Get involved in party politics, call a candidate’s campaign and volunteer, share information on social media, and make sure that you are knowledgeable about the candidates and the issues.

The Republic is depending on you. Don’t let it down.