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Mid-Term Elections – Victory & Challenge

By Jeff Knox

(Manassas, VA, November 9, 2010) The mid-term elections were a big win for gun rights and therefore a big win for liberty and the Republic.  Gun rights represent liberty in its most personal form and individual liberty is what made this nation great.  Therefore, what’s good for gun rights is good for the nation.  To each of the millions of Tea Party Patriots and Constitutional Conservatives who helped beat back the anti-constitutional agenda this year, GunVoters say, “Welcome to the party pal.” We’ve been fighting this war for decades.

As the nation moves forward from the November 2 rejection of the Obama, Reid, Pelosi socialist/globalist vision, gun rights will continue to play an important role – directly or indirectly – and this is an excellent opportunity for supporters of individual rights to press our advantage.  The Second Amendment and “gun control” was a back burner issue in the recent elections, but the gun issue was and remains significant.  The right of the People to keep and bear arms disturbs the ruling class like no other, making support for the Second Amendment the “miner’s canary” of the Constitution.  It’s been that way for over a century and that role has not changed.

In the coming months there will be debate, argument, and votes in Congress about taxes, spending, health care, corporate regulation, ear-marks, and all manner of other complex and confusing issues.  The politicians will do their best to convolute those issues beyond comprehension.  At the same time, there will be some proposals for minor shifts in the way the federal government deals with firearms and firearms owners.  Amid all of the confusion, GunVoters will remain clear because we have our own established and trusted information sources and, since we know that politicians who work to circumvent the Second Amendment can pretty reliable be counted on to work against other provisions of the Constitution, we are clear about just who the enemy is and we will continue to lead the fight for liberty and the Constitution.

Constitutional questions and arguments arising from the health care debate or tax issues can leave voters in doubt about where a particular politician stands.  Gun issues are much clearer – at least to GunVoters – and we understand that if a politician is constitutionally ignorant, or constitutionally disrespectful enough to support gun control laws or oppose gun rights restoration, then that politician is a threat to the entire Constitution and should be removed from power.  While GunVoters can’t usually take down an entrenched incumbent by ourselves, we can often constitute the difference between victory and defeat.  GunVoters can impact an election outcome by 6 to 8 percentage points or more depending on the voting district.

Even in this year’s election, with very little gun-related legislation in Congress over the past 2 years, and most of that tending toward the side of gun rights, GunVoters still played a pivotal role.  Though Democrats took an official party position to steer clear of gun issues as much as possible, and threw gun owners a few scraps from the political table, their unconstitutional expansions of government played very poorly with GunVoters, who are among the most constitutionally knowledgeable voters in the country.  Through decades of fighting for preservation and restoration of the Second Amendment, GunVoters have educated themselves on the Constitution, the Founders, and American History well beyond the single issue of gun rights, and we apply that constitutional knowledge well beyond the Second Amendment.

The important story regarding GunVoters this election season was that the vast majority of winning candidates were recognized as pro-gun.  In all but a very few races the only anti-rights candidates to win were firmly entrenched incumbents.  Pro-rights Democrats who lost were all replaced by pro-rights Republicans.  NRA’s longstanding policies required that they endorse incumbents who have voted right on gun bills during their term, regardless of party.  They also correctly gave the pro-rights challengers high ratings.  That left the decision up to informed GunVoters who were able to cast their votes based on issues beyond the few gun votes of the 111th Congress rather than just depending on the NRA’s narrowly focused endorsement policies.

In the coming months we will be pushing constitutional conservatives in Congress to use the gun issue to flush out legislators’ true colors on constitutional issues and expand firearms owners’ rights.  Such votes will hold pro-rights Representatives in good stead for 2012 and put anti-constitutional Representatives – particularly faux-rights Democrats – in the difficult position of choosing to either repudiate the anti-rights position of their powerful party leadership, or risk incurring the wrath of GunVoters.   A vote on gun rights is a test of a politician’s commitment to the Constitution.  Let the testing begin.


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