(Gasp!) AHSA a front for Democrats!

As if this were something new…

I received a blog entry in email the other day from Ray Schoenke of American Hunters and Shooters (sic).  My mail agent doesn't display graphics unless I tell it to.  There are several advantages to that behavior.  Some images are offensive and I'd just as soon not have them popping up in my email.  But sometimes email contains something called a "web bug" which can be enlightening.  A web bug is an invisible graphic character that is hosted from a machine belonging to somebody that is tracking the email.  By scanning the logs, the sender can see how often mail is read.  It isn't necessarily an invasive thing, just a tracking tool to see how much mail is being opened.  But web bugs can reveal interesting things to those who pay attention.

At the bottom of Schoenke's latest missive there appears the following: 

Web Bug from http://democracyinaction.com/dia/Trackimage?key=222298036

Going to http://democracyinaction.com/ redirects to http://www.wiredforchange.com/.  The wiredforchange.com site features web kits and other online resources, all proudly flying the DLCC (Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee) flag. 

As we've said more than once, truly pro-gun Democrats are great for gun rights.  Be they "liberal" or "conservative" (the one-dimensional labels are a terrible measure of political position), an assumption that the Second Amendment means what it says, and moreover, that it's a good thing, moves the debate to other matters and lets other policy discussions continue on their merits. 

But based on history, there's little to lead anyone to believe that the Democrats as a group have turned pro-gun, or that AHSA is anything more than a tool of the Democratic Party leadership.