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As Chris noted, the active opposition to the appointment of Eric Holder to the office of Attorney General continues to build.  Our friends Alan Korwin and David Codrea have recently commented on the subject and their thoughts are worth reading if you haven't already done so.

Here is Alan's analysis of the current "Assault Weapons" ban legislation which has been languishing in the House for the past couple of years and where the anti-rights folks are going from here:

Gun Ban List Details

Be sure to take particular note of the section discussing the AG's powers under the proposed legislation and be aware that the AG currently has much of that power.

Now World Net Daily has picked up the story.  Read the article by clicking here.

David Codrea addresses the issue directly in a three-part series for The Examiner news group here:

Holder: To be or Not to be…

You can click on the "Next" button at the end of the article to go to the next installment or click on the titles below.

How to Hold Holder without Using Guns

How You can Help Hold Holder

I agree with David's suggestion to keep guns out of the discussion when writing to harshly anti-gun Senators, but if the Senator is just mildly anti-gun or better, be sure to at least mention that Holder's record on the Second Amendment is a serious concern to you.  We need to be sure that these folks know it's us.

If you know people who are involved in other issues mentioned: Privacy, Givernment Restrictions on the Internet, Medical Marijuana, Cuban Ex-patriots, etc. be sure to share Codrea's information with them and encourage them to get involved in the fight to block his confirmation.

Together we can win this!


 *** THIS JUST IN: The Heritage Foundation is reporting that Holder Authored a memo in 1999 which has led to the serious erosion of Sixth Amendment rights.  This could actually get the ACLU into this on our side.  Read all about it by clicking here.