May 2022 Hard Corps Report Available Online

Historically, we have reserved our newsletter, The Hard Corps Report, to only our paid subscribers, but this issue covers important NRA news and plans, that are critical for every NRA member to see.
Feel free to share this among your fellow NRA members as we prepare for the NRA Annual Meeting of Members in Houston, Texas, May 28.

March 2022 Hard Corps Report

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4 thoughts on “May 2022 Hard Corps Report Available Online”

  1. “All of our candidates will need to collect hundreds of signatures from Voting Members of the NRA – Life Members and Annual Members with at least five consecutive years of membership – and that’s going to be a tall order, so if you’re willing to help with that, again, reach out to me via email.”

    I’m a Life benefactor member, and will support your call for activist board members…just send me something to sign…

    1. No, we won’t have a booth, but we will have a presence, especially during the Members’ Meeting.
      I hope to see you there. — Jeff

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