Letter for Georgia

The following letter, signed by gun rights leaders from around the country, has been posted into the public domain for use in support of Senators Perdue and Loeffler, in their run-off elections.

We encourage rights advocates to repost this letter widely, especially in places where Georgia voters might see it.  If you have connections with anyone in the Perdue or Loeffler campaigns, please forward the letter to them.  This is a critical time and these races could be the last hope for protection of the Second Amendment.

For more information about the fight in Georgia and how you can help, please visit https://www.saveussenate.org/
There have been reports of some people getting security warnings trying to reach this site, but it’s not something to be worried about.  We’ve talked with the webmaster, and it should be corrected soon.

Here is the letter.  Please share it far and wide.

Open Letter to Georgia

Dear Georgia Voter,

We, your undersigned friends from across the USA, endorse and encourage your support for Senators David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler in the special Georgia election scheduled for January 5, 2021.

We are beyond concerned about the vows by anti-gun extremists to gut the Second Amendment and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms if or when the Biden/Harris team is installed in the White House. To preserve the rights we have reserved to ourselves in the Constitution, we must have a solid pro-gun majority in the U.S. Senate. Reelecting Purdue and Loeffler will insure that majority.

Please support Senators Purdue and Loeffler. Please make sure you have a plan to not only vote yourself on January 5th, but to get every sympathetic voter in your orbit to vote too. This is critical. Please reach out to your friends and neighbors about these important two races.

Thank you so much for sharing our concern.

Yours in liberty,

Signed by:

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Kevin Starrett, Executive Director
Oregon Firearms Federation

Kevin Jamison, President
Western Missouri Shooters Alliance

Kim Stolfer, President
Firearms Owners Against Crime, Pennsylvania

Sam Cohen
Co-founder, Pro-Gun New Hampshire, Inc.

F. Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina

CJ Grisham, President, and
David Amad, Vice President
Open Carry Texas

Aaron Smith
Alabama Second Amendment

Jeff Knox
Director, The Firearms Coalition