Missouri Highway Patrol Shifts to Reverse

Various news sources, including the Kansas City Star, and the local NBC affiliate are reporting that Missouri Highway Patrol Chief James Keathley has issued an order to stop distribution of a controversial report by the Missouri Information Analysis Center, a "Fusion Center " that provides intelligence and analysis for law enforcement.  Reactions to the report, which lumped libertarian, Christian, anti-abortion, and Constitutionalist activism with racist, neo-Nazi and other right-wing extremists, created a backlash across the political spectrum. 

Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat, was quick to distance himself and his administration from the report after Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder, a Republican, held a press conference to denounce the report.  The report has quickly grown toxic with both Republicans and Democrats angling to score political points. The head of the Missouri Highway Patrol, Superintendent James F. Keathley denied having seen the report prior to its being publicized, but promised that MIAC reports would go through his office before being released.

The larger issue, which no one in authority has yet addressed, is what the "Fusion Centers" are, how they are overseen, and what kind of information they produce. I suspect that other "analyses" like the Missouri report have not come to light.