Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War Tenth Anniversary Electronic Edition

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Now Available
Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War  — Tenth Anniversary Electronic Edition

It’s been ten years since Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War found its way to print.  We’re pleased to announce the release of an updated and expanded Electronic Edition.  The link will take you to a list of stores where it is currently available.

You can still get the paper edition from Amazon, or order an autographed copy direct from The Firearms Coalition.


4 thoughts on “Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War Tenth Anniversary Electronic Edition”

  1. allows me to sign in to an account, but I can not find any way to establish an account. I am a long time monthly supporter and have gotten the Knox Report for years. I wanted to make sure you have my email address so I can stay informed. What is the key to do this?

    1. I’m not sure Robert. All of the features haven’t been activated since we changed website platforms.
      I’ll try to get it sorted and let you know. You can always email me directly. It’s just Jeff (at) our website.

  2. To Jeff Knox
    While attending the NRA convention over the years, I have picked up the NRA financial report. I noticed on a couple of them large payments to Marion Hammer. It would be very helpful if you would publish a list of the years and quantities of money paid to Marion Hammer.
    Thank you.

    1. That’s an interesting subject David. Dad helped fund Marion as ED of USF back in the late ’70s, when he was ED of ILA. The plan was to grant USF about $30k a year for a couple of years until they could get their feet under them and become self-sufficient. He then helped get her elected to the NRA Board, but when the rift between Dad and Harlon happened in ’82, and Dad was booted from the Board in ’83, Marion sided with Harlon, and for some reason, the grant from NRA to USF went from $30k a year to about $120k. Dad and others raised questions about this arrangement over the years, and it was the impetus for the bylaw which requires disclosure of financial dealings between the NRA and Board members. They played some games with that reporting at times, but eventually Marion was such a big name, and always got such strong voter support, they quit trying to hide the payments. In the last 10 years, Marion and USF have received payments from multiple sources within the NRA, usually totaling between $200k and $300k per year. These are mainly listed as “consulting” fees, but sometimes include grants or other assistance to USF. Marion is the only NRA Director to have received routine annual payments from the NRA that weren’t tied directly to some specific program (like the payments to Dave Butz for his participation in an outreach program), and her organization, Unified Sportsmen of Florida, is the only state affiliate organization to receive regular annual grants.
      Also worth noting that this year in Indianapolis was the first time Marrion actually attended a Board meeting in something like 5 years.
      You can find copies of NRA’s 990 tax reporting forms at I don’t know how far back they archive those reports, and I don’t think NRA always included all of their payments to Marion and USF on the reports. I recall seeing some that reported something like $72k in a year when I know more was paid, but I’m not sure how they dodged it. Possibly by paying from a different NRA entity, and/or to a different entity associated with Marion.
      She’s recently come under scrutiny for “borrowing” a bunch of money from USF with a low-interest loan that she used to personally purchase a building which she then rented back to USF. In the nonprofit world, this is usually referred to as “self-dealing,” and it’s illegal.

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