Site News

We've installed several new components on the site.  Most are only visible if you are registered and logged in.  Some of the components we've added:


  • Community Builder
    This is a combinatin user management and user communication tool.  You can  build a profile for other site members to see.  We're asking everyone to at least include a zip code.  That way we can send targeted updates about things that are happening in your neighborhood.
  • Private Message Manager
    Send other site members private message.  It never goes outside the site.
  • Comment system
    Registered members can comment directly on articles blog entries.
  • Member Blogs
    A simple blog tool to allow members to create a blog. 
  • Forum
    A place for online conversation, debate, and general communications.  Specific sub-topics for states, counties, and cities.

Let us know what you think.  Assume that there will be bugs and glitches.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.  You can help it grow by bringing your friends. 


Chris Knox