Web Site Usage Rules

Usage Rules

Use of this Web Site implies an agreement to abide by the rules of the site.  These rules may be updated periodically without notice.

The purpose of The Firearms Coalition Web Site is to educate and inform members of the Site of news and issues regarding the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  This site includes discussions areas that allow two-way communication between and among other users of the Site.  The Owners of the Site (Neal Knox Associates and Knox Communications) and its delegated Moderators will police the Site for offensive or abusive material through day-to-day moderation, but The Firearms Coalition disclaims responsibility for the actions of others including abusive or offensive material posted to the Site.

Abusive or Offensive Material and Actions

Users of the Site will refrain from posting Abusive or Offensive Material.  Abusive Material includes but is not limited to any of the following:

  • Spam.
    “Link spam,” posts or blog entries for the specific purpose of linking to unrelated sites, using the site to publish commercial messages to other members or anyone else on the net is spamming.  Spammers can expect no tolerance.  Actions against spammers may include immediately terminating the offending account, reporting the incident to the offendor’s ISP, or possibly law enforcement.
  • Gratuitous use of profanity.
    We recognize that sometimes it just comes out, but this is a public forum and appropriate decorum should be observed.

  • Sexually explicit material.
    Not within the rules of decorum, not within the topic of the site, and not allowed.
  • Personal attacks.
    This includes individuals both in and outside of the site.  Disagreement or controversy are to be expected on occasion, but rules of civil debate will be enforced.
  • Intentionally provoking other participants
    The term is trolling and it is rude. Feeding trolls (i.e. responding to inflammatory or offensive posts) is just as bad as the original trolling offense. Members do not need rise to the bait.  Note that this site is NOT an appropriate venue for debate of “gun control.”  Calling for (for example) banning, registering, or licensing of any firearm in this forum qualifies as trolling.  Opponents of gun rights should free to exercise their First Amendment right to advocate restrictions on firearms in a different forum.

  • Posting Internet Floaters, Chain Letters, and Hoaxes
    Microsoft and AOL will not pay you if you register your email.  The Good Times Virus will not wreck your computer.  Craig Shergold has all the postcards he needs.  If you want to say a prayer for the troops, please do so, but don’t post about it here.
  • Misrepresentation.
    Multiple user names, “sock puppets” (a single user creating fictitious accounts in order to provoke discussion or serve as a surrogate fan club), posting under someone else’s account or claiming someone else’s identity are all sufficient grounds for account termination and banning the user, and possibly, folow-up with ISP and/or law enforcement.
  • Copyright violations
    Any copyright material must be used with permission.  All posts or submissions remain the property of the submitter who retains full responsibility for content


Every reasonable effort will be made to safeguard personal data stored on the site.  Security issues should be brought to the attention of the Owners as soon as they are discovered.  Security probing or “cracking” attempts by anyone not expressly contracted by Neal Knox Assoiciates, Knox Communications, or their ISP will result in termination of the account and possible follow-up with law enforcement.


From time to time the Owners of the Site may appoint at their sole discretion and judgment Moderators to assist with enforcement of the Site Rules.


In summary, what we expect from our members is courtesy and adherence to the rules of civil discourse that are common to any public space.