Senate Watchdogs?

By Jeff Knox

(October 6, 2016) GunVoters don’t like to reward squishy Republicans, but in this very high-stakes election year, who you vote against is just as important – if not more more so – as who you vote for.  Just as many GunVoters distrust Donald Trump – especially after his unfortunate comments and missed opportunities during the first debate – but intend to vote for him anyway, as a vote against Hillary Clinton, so to are many GunVoters faced with an unsavory choice in their U.S. Senate race.  Several incumbent Republicans have less than stellar records on gun issues, making it very hard for GunVoters to get excited about them. On the other hand, all of the Democrat challengers have embraced Hillary Clinton’s anti-rights mantra, calling for bans on private firearm transfers and use of the secret Terror Watchlist to deny Fifth and Second Amendment rights..

More important though, is the critical role the Senate plays in limiting the power of the President, and how the parties play into that role.

If Donald Trump wins, he will face an uphill battle regardless of which party wins the majority in the Senate.  With all of the Democrats and half of the Republicans in Congress, as well as the media, openly hostile toward him, it would be very difficult for him to accomplish much of anything as President unless he went full turncoat – AND – Democrats won the Senate.  But even then, the Republican majority in the House could block or de-fund things they didn’t like.

On the other hand, the media and Democrats in Congress, along with at least a quarter of the Republicans, would fully support, or at least go along with, just about anything Hillary Clinton wanted to do.  There would still be resistance from the House to keep things from coming completely unraveled, but Paul Ryan has not been impressive in his battles with Obama, and Clinton is a much more formidable opponent.

The vacancy on the Supreme Court emphasizes the critical importance of maintaining Republican control of the Senate.  While we try to be non-partisan, Democrats have firmly established themselves as the party of gun control, so even electing a couple of squishy – or even hostile – Republican senators is a necessary evil in order to keep Democrats from taking control of the Senate.  As I recently noted in this column, this isn’t just about the Supreme Court, but lower federal courts as well. Obama has taken great strides in “liberalizing” the courts by appointing over 300 judges over the past 7 years. A Democrat-controlled Senate would mean that Trump judicial appointments would be blocked and Clinton judicial appointments would be unstoppable.

A Democrat majority in the Senate would also mean that rabid, anti-rights zealot, Chuck Schumer would be Senate Majority Leader.  Just the thought of that should make every gun owner shudder.

You can impact Senate election – even those outside your own state.

First, be sure that you get to the polls on November 8 and vote for the people who will keep the serious enemies of liberty out of office.  That might mean holding your nose, but sometimes that’s what it takes.

Second, make sure that your friends and family, folks at the range and gun clubs, church, fraternal organizations, etc., all know why voting is so critical this year, and why they can’t afford to sit this one out or use their vote for making symbolic gestures.  Share this article with them. Post it on bulletin boards and your social media pages, and tell folks specifically who they need to vote for to slow the slide toward tyranny. Make them cheat-sheets to take to the polls with them if necessary.

Third, go through your contact lists and reach out to everyone you can to share this message – especially people living in battleground states where just a few votes could mean the difference between a pro-rights majority, and a majority led by Chuck Schumer.  Again, share this article and make specific requests for votes, and ask the people you contact to contact others with the same message.

The most critical states this year are: Nevada, Indiana, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire.

Republicans are likely to lose seats in Wisconsin and Illinois, meaning that if they don’t convert the seats in Nevada (very possible) and Indiana (less likely), Democrats winning in any two of the other five states would result in Majority Leader Schumer.

This year, for the first time in more than 20 years, Democrats have gun control a flagship campaign issue from the top of the ticket on down.  If GunVoters don’t answer that push with a resounding “NO” at the polls, anti-rights forces will be emboldened to advance more restrictive proposals, and we will see more “moderate” Republicans like Illinois’ Mark Kirk working with them to erode your rights.

Money is not enough.  You must get personally involved.  If you can’t actively support the Republican candidate, then actively oppose the anti-rights Democrat.  This is too important to leave to others. Take action now.