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From the Firearms Coalition

Haley Barbour is a Coward

By Jeff Knox

Haley Barbour is an astute politician with aspirations beyond the Governor’s Mansion in Mississippi.  He has been very active in the internal workings of the Republican Party for decades and is often named as a possible presidential candidate in 2012.  As a career politician, Barbour is careful to avoid anything which might damage his political future.  You will not find his name on the membership roles of “extremist” or “radical” organizations.  You will not catch him golfing at any all-white country clubs.  And you will not find bribe money in his kitchen freezer.  Neither will you find any criminals, released from prison by Governor Barbour, out terrorizing the countryside.

Embarrassing criminal recidivism will never haunt Governor Barbour’s political career because Governor Barbour has a firm policy of refusing to “interfere” with the justice system.

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