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Offensive Defense?

The Knox Update

From the Firearms Coalition


Offensive Defense?


By Jeff Knox


(December 29, 2008)  The repercussions from Hurricane Katrina continue to roll in like the tidal surge that flooded New Orleans.  The latest storm takes aim at guns and gunowners.  As news trickles out of a final resolution in the lawsuits filed over the government’s illegal confiscation of firearms during the days after the flood, new reports of unprovoked attacks on African-Americans by white, neighborhood militias during the storm’s aftermath are beginning to surface.  In a feature article in the liberal magazine “The Nation,” titled “Katrina’s Hidden Race War,” writer A. C. Thompson suggests that a group organized to provide security for the Algiers Point neighborhood actually engaged in open warfare against unarmed, innocent blacks trying to reach an evacuation point on the other side of the neighborhood.  In the article, Thompson combines first-person accounts of the victims of one attack, the statements of members of the neighborhood security group, African-American residents of the Algiers Point neighborhood, records from area hospitals, the coroner’s office, and generous helpings of hearsay and speculation to suggest that members of the security group engaged in racially motivated murder.


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