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VPC and the Spock Theory

I recently discovered this in draft form.  It’s old, but not out of date.

Many years ago my father talked frequently about what he called “the Spock theory of government.”  No, not the pointy-eared Spock; Star Trek had not appeared on TV yet.  He was referring to Dr. Benjamin Spock, the baby doctor who wrote the standard Boomer parenting manual.  I doubt that Dad ever read Dr. Spock.  My well-learned habit of calling him “Sir” indicates that if he did, he didn’t act on many of the doctor’s theories. 

According to Spock (as understood by Neal), parents should “never punish a child for improper behavior, just keep harmful things out of his reach.”  The theory underpins Prohibition, both the Volstead Act of the 1920’s and the modern drug prohibition, and every gun control law.  The government, especially that portion of the government represented by the Democratic Party, sees itself as the parent of a fractious and unruly bood of children, also known as We the People.  African-Americans in particular fit in that category.  As evidence, I submit a “study” from Josh Sugarmann’s Violency Policy Center:

“blacks, like all victims of homicide, guns — usually handguns — are far and away the number one murder tool. Successful efforts to reduce America’s black homicide toll must put a focus on reducing access to firearms.”


Offensive Defense?

The Knox Update

From the Firearms Coalition


Offensive Defense?


By Jeff Knox


(December 29, 2008)  The repercussions from Hurricane Katrina continue to roll in like the tidal surge that flooded New Orleans.  The latest storm takes aim at guns and gunowners.  As news trickles out of a final resolution in the lawsuits filed over the government’s illegal confiscation of firearms during the days after the flood, new reports of unprovoked attacks on African-Americans by white, neighborhood militias during the storm’s aftermath are beginning to surface.  In a feature article in the liberal magazine “The Nation,” titled “Katrina’s Hidden Race War,” writer A. C. Thompson suggests that a group organized to provide security for the Algiers Point neighborhood actually engaged in open warfare against unarmed, innocent blacks trying to reach an evacuation point on the other side of the neighborhood.  In the article, Thompson combines first-person accounts of the victims of one attack, the statements of members of the neighborhood security group, African-American residents of the Algiers Point neighborhood, records from area hospitals, the coroner’s office, and generous helpings of hearsay and speculation to suggest that members of the security group engaged in racially motivated murder.


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Color Commentary: A Clarification

The Knox Report

From the Firearms Coalition


Color Commentary


By Jeff Knox


(November 13, 2007) Back in July I wrote a piece titled “The Color of Gun Control” in which I described some of the racist motivations which historically underlie gun control laws.  When that article was published in Shotgun News a month later and I re-read it, I was surprised to note a rather glaring error.  While I stand by the core premise of the article, that gun control is intrinsically racist, I think some corrections and clarifications are is in order.

What immediately caught my attention was reading my description of the Illinois Firearm Owner ID system as a local jurisdiction, permit to purchase style program.  The FOID is no such thing.  It is a non-discretionary program operated by the State Police under which any person wishing to own a gun in the state must apply through the State Police and pass a background check.  If their record is clear, they get the FOID with no further say-so from law enforcement.

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