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Color Commentary: A Clarification

The Knox Report

From the Firearms Coalition


Color Commentary


By Jeff Knox


(November 13, 2007) Back in July I wrote a piece titled “The Color of Gun Control” in which I described some of the racist motivations which historically underlie gun control laws.  When that article was published in Shotgun News a month later and I re-read it, I was surprised to note a rather glaring error.  While I stand by the core premise of the article, that gun control is intrinsically racist, I think some corrections and clarifications are is in order.

What immediately caught my attention was reading my description of the Illinois Firearm Owner ID system as a local jurisdiction, permit to purchase style program.  The FOID is no such thing.  It is a non-discretionary program operated by the State Police under which any person wishing to own a gun in the state must apply through the State Police and pass a background check.  If their record is clear, they get the FOID with no further say-so from law enforcement.

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