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Bloomberg Shoots McCain

Anti-gun Mayor (and potential presidential candidate) Mike Bloomberg and his group “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” have created a television commercial purportedly intended to generate momentum for closing the so called “gun show loophole.” What the ad will do more than anything else is highlight Sen. John McCains betrayal of gunowners when he made a commercial on behalf of Citizens for Gun Safety supporting legislation to close the imaginary loophole several years ago. From a political standpoint, only McCain is damaged with this new ad which is scheduled to air in candidates home states and in Pennsylvania prior to their April 22 Primary. It is a safe bet that GunVoters will respond negatively to the spot and it will make it even harder for McCain in his efforts to woo this important voting block. The timing of the Bloomberg spot suggests that it is intended to damage John McCain and remove GunVoters from the election equation in November. Could this be a proverbial artillery barrage to soften up the beach before Bloomberg launches his own campaign for president? Maybe, or perhaps it is a payback for some perceived wrong of the past. Whatever the reason, McCain is going to discover that it is painful to shoot yourself in the foot – especially when that foot is firmly planted in your own mouth. McCain supplied the gun and ammo and put his own foot in his mouth and now Bloomberg is pulling the trigger.

Armed Pilots “Security” Video

You’ve probably heard that a pilot accidentally shot a hole in his airplane recently. A pilots’ group blames dangerous security rules and equipment, but others say that the pilot in question had to violate several of the most basic security procedures for this to happen. Most importantly, Only handle the gun when the plane is parked. Here is a video explaining and demonstrating the "security" procedures Federal Flight Deck Officers (armed pilots) must go through. Specifics about all of the FFDO firearm procedures are not available to the public, but the suggestion in this video that the gun must be removed and locked every time the cabin door is opened is apparently not accurate.

    Notice that the gun is often pointed directly at the demonstrator during the process.  I don’t want to go shooting with this guy.

Blast From the Past — AK-47 Video

Over twenty years ago, Neal Knox teamed up with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America to try out the latest technology:  A VHS video recorder.  Their object?  An experiment in comparative terminal ballistics:  Shoot watermelons and see what gun makes the biggest splash.

The hot issue of the day was the awesome power of the AK-47.  Keep in mind the context of the times, massacres in Stockton, California, Louisville, Kentucky and elsewhere were raw memories.  The media, as Josh Sugarmann had predicted, was in a frenzy over “para-military” weapons and “assault weapons.”  Even today, it’s not unusual to see a nicely groomed news-reader gasp over the power of the AK-47.  And let’s just forget about the crime dramas.

It’s amazing how little has changed over the past twenty years.  Every TV station’s news department has the consumer reporter who investigates extravagant claims.  But I’ve never seen one of those guys investigate his colleagues’ claims of the over-stated power of an AK.  This despite the fact that it makes for some really cool video.

I finally got around to digitizing a copy of The Truth About AK-47 Firepower and, with the kind permission of Larry Pratt, posted it to YouTube.  To comply with YouTube’s file size restrictions, I had to cut out Larry’s narrative.  The, uh, juicy parts are all there.  Just follow the link below: Continue reading Blast From the Past — AK-47 Video