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Hello Gun Lobby!

Much of what you see here you might later see as a the core of a full column in The Knox Report which is a regular feature of Shotgun News and many club and organization newsletters, or featured in our own newsletter, The Hard Corps Report. This area will serve as my notes and brain-storming zone for other writing so you'll see it here first.

Please let me know what you think of the information you find here and the work that we are doing.

Yours for the Second Amendment,

Jeff Knox

Supreme Court on Tuesday

    I'm planning to attend oral arguments in the DC gun ban case in the Supreme Court this Tuesday, 3/18/08.  Whether I make it into the courtroom to hear the arguments or not, I will be there to lend moral support, karma, prayers, or whatever I can.

    Our friends the Second Amendment Sisters have gone through the formal process of securing a demonstration permit so I am looking forward to joining them and having a festive day.  The pro-Second Amendment demonstration is scheduled to begin around 10:00 and all right thinking Americans are invited to participate.

    If you attend, please be sure to say hello.

    Hope to see you there.  — Jeff 

NRA Elections

Looking at the nominees for the NRA Board of Directors this year I can't help but be impressed with such a stellar group of people:  Scientists, executives, politicians, lawyers, and celebrities, all with the common thread of commitment to the Second Amendment and the shooting sports.  What’s really impressive is that the nominees this year are no more outstanding than the other current members of the Board.  The National Rifle Association not only has an exceptionally large Board of Directors, with 76 members, but it is composed of some of the most successful and capable individuals in the country.  There are a few who have made their names primarily by working diligently on shooting and gun rights issues who do not have very impressive professional résumés, and there are a few whose professional résumés shine, but who have not been particularly active or proven in the trenches of the gun fight.  Most though, have excelled in both their professional lives and in the firearms arena.

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Better Gun Buy Back

A caller to Tom Gresham's "Gun Talk" show ( suggested we use that promised $600 "stimulus" check to buy a gun, ammo, or other firearms-related purchase. That's what my bride and I intend to do with our checks. Can you imagine the fits the gun-control crowd would have if 80 million gun owners "stimulated" the firearms industry all at once with that check — especially if everyone bought one of those evil "assault weapons"? You might want to pass this suggestion on to your audience.


Good point Blaine.  Thanks for sharing.  Jeff

Hitting the Big Time

    Well, you know you've really arrived when something you say is nominated as the "Dumbass Comment of the Day" by someone called "Flamingskull" on a blog called "Clones are People Two."

    Flamingskull was taken aback by my balls in approaching a Virginia Tech survivor at a protest in Richmond on Monday and asking him how he could possibly just surrender his right to self defense and be advocating that others have theirs taken away.  Of course the reporters didn't quite get the whole story; I was standing listening to him give an interview and was astounded that such an event would result in an anti-gun, anti-self-defense response.  I pointed out that none of the proposed laws would have impacted the Virginia Tech tragedy except the law tha would stop state colleges from disarming lawfully armed students.  I pointed out that when I went to school, I often carried and would have stopped the madness.  The guy responded that he felt sorry for me because I'm so full of fear and went on to say he put his full trust in the police to protect him.  Of course the press stopped reporting at that point and didn't mention my incredulity that this guy puts his full trust in the same authorities that failed to protect him last April.  It's mind boggling.

Former NRA Director Sentenced

    I am often asked about the fate of former NRA Board of Directors member, Sanford Abrams, but the case was hanging in limbo with nothing to report.  That all changed yesterday when Abrams was given a 5 year suspended sentence for selling an AR15 rifle to a man prohibited from purchasing such a rifle in the state of Maryland.  Under Maryland law, "assault weapons' and handguns are specialy regulated and all sales of these firearms must be aproved by the State Police.  Had the rifle Abrams sold been an H-Bar heavy barreled, target model, there would have been no requirement to go through the State Police and the sale would have been legal, but since this was a standard AR model, Abrams should have processed the sale and would have learned that the buyer was not allowed to posses the gun.  

    The Baltimore Sun report on the case can be read by clicking here .


H.R.2640 Signed by President

    The NICS Improvement bill, H.R.2640, was signed by President Bush yesterday as expected. 

    I was pleased to receive a note this evening from Alan Korwin of letting me know that his analysis of the final bill jibes with my own.  Alan was one of the few calm and thoughtful opponents of the legislation and his acknowledgment that the final version is much improved is refreshing.  You can read what Alan had to say here , and you can read the actual bill here, and of course my Knox Report on the subject is available here. 

More Hype About NICS Bill

    The hype about H.R.2640, the NICS Improvement bill, is heating up again.  I have just posted a Knox Report about the bill here and a link to the actual text of the bill as it passed here.

    I find myself in the uniquely uncomfortable position of defending a bill that I do not particularly support, but the attacks on this legislation and the NRA are so outrageous and unfounded that I can not simply stand by and let them go unanswered.  Anyone who is familiar with me and my family knows that we have never been reticent to kick NRA in the shins when they get off track and I am definitely no blind NRA minion.  In this instance, I am frustrated that NRA entered into this deal knowing that it would be contentious within the gun rights community, but charged ahead heedless of objections and determined to keep all other players away from the negotiating table.  NRA's disrespect and dismissal of the gun rights grassroots continues to be one of their biggest problems and will be the organization's downfall if they don't take corrective action.

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More SWAT Follies

    A Colorado family had their front door kicked down as a squad of SWAT officers with drawn guns stormed into the home handcuffing the parents and placing all of the occupants face-down on the floor at gunpoint.  The object of the raid was 10-year old son John who had fallen and bumped his head the previous day.  A neighbor who saw the fall called paramedics who barged uninvited into the boy's home where he was being treated by his father.  The paramedics wanted to transport the boy to the hospital even though they saw no sign of serious injury.  The father, who was a combat medic in Vietnam, preferred to keep the boy under observation at home and refused to allow him to be taken to the hospital.  The paramedics called police and 24 hours later, after the boy had been checked by police and social workers and showed no signs of complications from the fall, Sheriff's deputies acting on a warrant signed by a Magistrate, burst into the family's home and took the boy.  Doctors examined the boy, promptly gave him a clean bill of health, and released him into his parent's custody. Continue reading More SWAT Follies

Academics’ Amicus

    Academics for the Second Amendment have been members of The Firearms Coalition since they were created in 1992 and we have supported their mission and efforts since that time.  Now our very good friends Dave Hardy, Joe Olson, a nd Clayton Cramer are joining forces under the A2A banner to write and file an amicus (friend of the court) brief in the DC gun ban case, DC V. Heller.  While it is unusual for an outfit like ours, which depends on direct support from our readers, to recommend financial contributions to other organizations (When was the last time you saw any other gun group asking you to send money somewhere else?), we think this amicus brief is important and it's something that we are not equipped to do ourselves.  Therefore, I invite you to read the following from Academics for the Second Amendment and, if you are able, consider helping them in this important matter. Continue reading Academics’ Amicus

The Loss of Big John

    John Hosford, one of the great, unsung heroes of the gun rights movement and a dear personal friend, passed away on Christmas Eve while visiting his son in Washington State.  The Knox family sends our deepest condolences to John's family as we join them in mourning his passing.

    John was one of the biggest men I have ever known, in physical stature, enthusiasm, commitment, loyalty, and heart.  Even though we occasionally found ourselves on different sides of the internal battles that have plagued the gun rights movement over the years, John was one of the few who never let a difference of opinion turn into personal animosity towards my father or our family.  His friendship held through the good times and the bad and he never wavered in his love and friendship.

    The last time I saw John was at the Gun Rights Policy conference in Cincinnati last October.  Even then, two years after Dad's death, John could not speak of him without choking up.  We didn't get as much opportunity to visit that weekend as we would have liked, but I was glad to bump into him while I had Mom on my cell phone to let him say hello.  He returned the phone almost an hour later with a depleted battery after catching up with Mom and reassuring himself that she really was doing well.

     John served in law enforcement for many years, was Executive Director of the Citizens' Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and spent some time in D.C. working for NRA-ILA.  One of his proudest moments was when his baby grandson was recognized as the youngest Life Member at the NRA Convention in Seattle.  John was a committed and tireless laborer for the right to keep and bear arms, willing and able to take a leadership role, but never hesitating to dive into the trenches and get his hands dirty.

    There will never be another like Big John.  He will be sorely missed.


Jeff Knox

27 December, 2007