NRA Director Nominations & Petitions

Read our article about seeking qualified candidates and nominating NRA Director candidates by petition.

Here is a link to the official guidelines for nomination by petition:


Here are links to the petitions you can print, sign, and mail back:
Print petitions only on 8.5″x11″ paper.  Petitions should run lengthwise across the page and fill it completely.  Since the files are saved “sideways,” on most printers, the proper setting would be “Portrait” to get a “Landscape” result.
Select the “Fit to Page” option on printer.
Phone: 602-730-4570 with any questions.
Mail petitions directly to each candidate, as there’s no longer time for us to forward them: P.O. Box 303, Tombstone, AZ  85638

Jeff Knox Petition
PO Box 303, Tombstone, AZ  85638
Phil Journey Petition
PO Box 501, Haysville, KS  67060
Rocky Marshall Petition
PO Box 277, Center Point, TX  78010
Dennis Fusaro Petition
Awaiting permission to post address…

Petitions must be turned in to NRA by the candidates by November 7, so please sign and mail your petitions to each candidate as soon as possible.


P.S. Some of you have requested that we mail you copies of the petitions to sign.  We attempted to mail petitions to everyone who requested them, but missed a few and are now out of time to get those out and back to the candidates, so thank you for the requests, and our apologies for not getting them all processed in a timely manner.

5 thoughts on “NRA Director Nominations & Petitions”

  1. Has anyone considered that this being open to Lifelong members for 5 years is silly? What if we’ve been annual members for way more than that? Or even 1 year? There are many Medal of Honor recipients who served in times of crisis for less time than is being asked. I would help, but I don’t qualify.

    1. The Voting Member and Director Eligibility requirements are there to protect the Association. There have been attempts in the past by anti-rights extremists trying to infiltrate the Association to stir up trouble. Limiting voting rights to only those members who have demonstrated a stable commitment to the Association — 5 consecutive years of Annual Membership, or Life Membership — helps to weed out potential insurgents. Similarly, the requirement that Director candidates be Life Members who have been such for at least 5 years, demonstrates a commitment to the organization and hopefully enough experience with the Association to be familiar with the history and traditions involved.
      They’re not perfect systems, and the concerns they are intended to address are more based in paranoia than realistic threats. There have been suggestions that, for example, Mike Bloomberg could have recruited a bunch of anti-gun extremists, bought them memberships, and have them flood a Members’ Meeting to take over the organization. That type of unlikely scenario is how many of these rules came about, and now it is the system we have to work with. The Board of Directors can wave the 5-year requirement for Director candidates if they choose, but they typically have only done that for “celebrity” candidates nominated by the Board’s Nominating Committee.
      As with most organizations, jobs, or projects, the expectation is that one must “pay their dues” before moving up. Working in the trenches, helping collect signatures for candidates, recruiting and encouraging new members, serving in local clubs or on committees, or other examples of “climbing the ladder” to move up into leadership ranks. As I say, it’s not always a perfect system, and it’s been used to suppress reformers at times, but it’s the system we have, and we must work within it.

    1. We’ve been working on a new website for a loooooonnnngggg time, and just keeping this one held together with chewing gum and bailing wire during that process… At this time, there’s no real purpose for Registration, as there are no “Members Only” areas of the site. We’re hoping to have all of this squared away in the new site — if we can ever get it finished. For now, thanks so much for the contribution, and please be sure we have your snail-mail address so we can send you the newsletter. If we don’t have it, you can send it to me directly at Jeff at FirearmsCoalition dot org.

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