Blast From the Past — AK-47 Video

Over twenty years ago, Neal Knox teamed up with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America to try out the latest technology:  A VHS video recorder.  Their object?  An experiment in comparative terminal ballistics:  Shoot watermelons and see what gun makes the biggest splash.

The hot issue of the day was the awesome power of the AK-47.  Keep in mind the context of the times, massacres in Stockton, California, Louisville, Kentucky and elsewhere were raw memories.  The media, as Josh Sugarmann had predicted, was in a frenzy over “para-military” weapons and “assault weapons.”  Even today, it’s not unusual to see a nicely groomed news-reader gasp over the power of the AK-47.  And let’s just forget about the crime dramas.

It’s amazing how little has changed over the past twenty years.  Every TV station’s news department has the consumer reporter who investigates extravagant claims.  But I’ve never seen one of those guys investigate his colleagues’ claims of the over-stated power of an AK.  This despite the fact that it makes for some really cool video.

I finally got around to digitizing a copy of The Truth About AK-47 Firepower and, with the kind permission of Larry Pratt, posted it to YouTube.  To comply with YouTube’s file size restrictions, I had to cut out Larry’s narrative.  The, uh, juicy parts are all there.  Just follow the link below: Continue reading Blast From the Past — AK-47 Video

Parker discussion at VCDL meeting

I had the opportunity to speak briefly about the Parker case at a recent Virginia Citizen's Defense League meeting and someone was thoughtful enough to post my comments on You-Tube.

For clarification, the long question that is inaudible was asking whether DC was going to be forced to repeal their law while the case was under appeal – I don't think so.  There was also a question about SCOTUS dividing the decision and only hearing part of it – Again, I don't think that will happen.

BUT – I am not a lawyer and there is no guarantee of what the Supreme Court will do.  Having studied the court and the case rather thoroughly and having spoken with lots of lawyers and professional court watchers, I am pretty confident in my evaluation.

Click below to view the video. 

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Militarized Cops

I'm not ordinarily a channel surfer, but stuck in a hotel room recently, I tuned in to Dallas SWAT.  It's a video ride-along with SWAT teams in various parts of the country — this one was in Detroit.   I've seen scarier things on TV in the past few years from the September 11 attacks to the Waco horror.  But this one was scary because it was so routine.  Detroit cops working with the Secret Service served a search warrant against the house of someone accused of — get this  — identity theft! 

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Parker Heads to SCOTUS

      (Manassas, VA, July 17, 2007) The Mayor of Washington DC, Adrian Fenty, yesterday announced that the District is indeed going to appeal the “Parker” case to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).  The original deadline for filing an appeal was August 7, but the District has requested, and will likely be granted, a 30 day extension for preparing their appeal.

      There has been much speculation as the August deadline has drawn closer that DC would choose not to appeal the case for fear of strengthening the precedent set when the Federal Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that the District’s long-standing gun prohibition laws were a violation of individual rights protected

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“Parker” Analysis

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“Parker” Headed to Supreme Court


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