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Save Republicans from Themselves & Knee-Jerk Gun Control – Act NOW!

A couple of mentally defective losers decide they want to be famous as killers, and Republican politicians are once again responding by shooting themselves – and their party – in the foot. If they don’t get themselves under control in a hurry, they are going to do irreparable damage to their chances in 2020.

President Trump is offering suggestions on how to pass gun control laws and particularly pushing deadly “red flag” laws. Republicans in the House and Senate are pledging to vote for various gun control laws if they are brought to a vote. Governor Ducey in Arizona has revived his “pre-crime disarmament,” STOP bill that helped kill the political aspirations of several promising Republicans in 2018, and the list goes on.

Your action is needed now. Republicans, from Trump on down, need to hear from you immediately. They need to hear from you in email, phone calls, on their social media accounts, and at any live events during their August recess.

Don’t wait. Contact them now. Remind them that only foolish politicians react to events, based on emotion and their immediate perception of public sentiment. Tell them that they should be sticking to the principles that brought them to the party. Appeasing people who aren’t ever going to vote for them, regardless of what they do – short of switching parties – is just dumb.

Alienating a large segment of their base, that was going to vote for them, and work for their campaigns, and bring their families along, is even dumber.

Gun control laws didn’t stop lunatics before, and they won’t stop lunatics in the future. Criminalizing private sales and transfers of firearms was a bad idea last week and last year, and it’s still a bad idea.

Taking guns away from someone because someone else said they were crazy and dangerous – rather than taking the crazy dangerous person away from all potentially harmful objects and getting them some professional help – was a dangerous, unconstitutional idea last week and last year, and it’s still a dangerous, unconstitutional idea.

Banning scary-looking firearms that are safely owned by millions of Americans and which function the same as guns that have been readily available for 100 years, didn’t work between 1994 and 2004, and it won’t work in the future – and those millions of American gun owners aren’t going to put up with attempts to take them away.

Mass shootings and mass murders are terrible tragedies that make all sane people sad, angry, and frustrated. Passing unconstitutional laws that won’t and can’t prevent such tragedies, is no sort of rational response.

Contact your elected servants today. Reach out to them via every means at your disposal, and let them know that you and your family recognize that they are under extreme pressure to “do something,” but that pushing gun control laws – expanded background checks, “red flag” laws, “assault weapons” bans, or any other infringement on the right to arms – will cost them and their party your votes. Remind them that many GunVoters were already suspicious of Republicans, but we’re going to support the party as a blocking move against anti-rights Democrats, but Republicans rushing to gun control will kill that tenuous arrangement, resulting in many GunVoters foregoing the elections, and seriously hurting Republican chances.

Call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121. Find your Senators and representatives at www.Senate.gov and www.House.gov, and send them messages, then find their local office numbers and call those. Find them on Facebook and Twitter, and link them to this article. Finally, share this article on all social media and with all of your friends who value their rights.

The U.S. doesn’t have a gun problem. The U.S. has a crazy problem. Gun laws won’t fix that.

Republicans Elect Steele to Chair

The Republican National Committee yesterday elected former Maryland leiutenant governor Michael Steele to its top post.  Described as a "moderate," Steele showed little understanding of Second Amendment issues in a Washington Post interview snippet that's been making its way around the Internet.  In the interview he advocates "enforcing the laws that are on the books," echoing one of NRA's "kinder and gentler" lines from a few years ago.  Inviting strict enforcement of existing law can be a dangerous wish if that law is as broken as the 1968 Gun Control Act.  Steele also demonstrates the upside-down "needs-based" theory of "assault weapons."

"What do you need an assault weapon for, if you're going hunting?"

We'd point out that a) hunting is not a Second Amendment issue, and b) as Americans we are blessed not to have to demonstrate need for everything we want.  NRA endorsed his unsuccessful 2006 senatorial bid.  In the virulently anti-gun state of Maryland, an NRA endorsement could mean that he salivates less at the thought of banning guns than the other guy.

So, congratulations to Mr. Steele.  We hope to be able to work with him.

A Setback on Holder: Hatch Endorses

Orrin Hatch, the senior Senator from Utah and long-time member of the Judiciary Committee stuck a stinger in us today.  According to The Hill, a capital newspaper,

Hatch said that Republicans should try to strike a cooperative tone with President-elect Obama during the first days of his administration.

“I start with the premise that the president deserves the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think politics should be played with the attorney general,” he said.

“I like Barack Obama and want to help him if I can.”

Read the entire article here. If nothing else it's troubling that Senator Hatch would announce a position without even listening to the facts, or even a discussion.  If you're in Utah, Senator Hatch needs to hear from you.



Bush Administration Out of Line in DC Gun Case

The Knox Report

From the Firearms Coalition


Bush Administration

Out of Line in DC Gun Case


By Jeff Knox

(January 15, 2008) Late in the day on Friday, January 11, the Solicitor General of the United States, an office appointed by the President and tasked with representing the Administration view in court, filed an amicus brief in support of the District of Columbia in the case of DC v. Heller now before the Supreme Court.  The brief includes thoughtful, scholarly review of the history and meaning of the Second Amendment, concluding that it refers to, and protects, a preexisting, right which has no militia membership requirement.  The brief then stresses the idea that, like other rights, the right to arms may be restricted by the government for a variety of reasons.  And that the Supreme Court should render a decision affirming the individual nature of the right to arms, but should reject the Circuit Court’s conclusion that the DC laws are a violation of that right.  The Solicitor General would have the Court send the case back down to the lower courts for them to determine which, if any, of DC’s laws cross the threshold of “reasonable restrictions” and are therefore unconstitutional.

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