Disarmed Victims in Virginia

  • Subject: Disarmed Victims in Virginia
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  • Date: Mon Apr 16 16:10:08 2007

Thirty three dead after shooting rampage at Virginia Tech. All of the victims were unarmed. The murderer killed himself.

Virginia Tech forbids students and faculty from possessing firearms n campus, even when they have valid concealed weapons permits.

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Not “Allowed”

(Manassas, VA, March 13, 2007) When I was six years old my family moved from Wichita Falls, Texas to Sydney, Ohio so Dad could head up the creation of Gun Week newspaper.  One of the first things we noticed upon arriving in the land of the Yankees was that the people up north talked funny.  Not only did they have odd accents and strange pronunciations, they had different words for things and used terms that were not common where we came from. 

            One word in common usage in Ohio which, while not completely foreign, was still odd to us, was the word “allow.”  Rather than saying, “My mom won’t let me.” Or, “I’m not supposed to.” Ohio kids would say “I’m not allowed.”

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The Bloomberg Dilemma

The Knox Report

From the Firearms Coalition


The Bloomberg Dilemma


By Jeff Knox


(January 5, 2007)  New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is at it again.  He recently filed federal civil suits against 12 more federally licensed firearms dealers in South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  In his well-publicized effort to “stem the flow of illegal guns” into New York, Bloomberg hired private detectives to enter gun shops around the country to covertly video gun dealers making “questionable” sales.  He then files civil suits charging the dealers with knowingly and recklessly contributing to New York’s crime problems by selling guns to crooks.  These suits are intended to either drive the targeted dealers out of business or to force them to agree to oversight by a court-appointed “special master” that essentially opens their books to the New York City mayor’s office.  Dealers can expect Bloomberg’s antics to continue for the next couple of years, as the city’s $800,000 contract with the detective agency runs through 2008.

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Flying with Guns

The Neal Knox Report  

From the Firearms Coalition

Packing For Unfriendly Skies       

 By Neal Knox (updated 05/08 by Jeff Knox)


      WASHINGTON, D.C. (Dec. 10, 2004) – Flying with a firearm in your checked baggage is more complicated than it used to be, but it’s usually not the nightmare some think. 

       The important thing to remember is that making a mistake involving a firearm in an airport can result in serious consequences – and it doesn’t have to be you that makes the mistake.

       There are plenty of people working for airlines and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) who, whether through fear, malice or simple ignorance, can make traveling with a gun harder than it should be.  If one of them makes a “mistake” it could be you that pays the price.

       Simply notifying a ticket agent that there is an unloaded firearm in your bag – as you are required by law to do – can result in pandemonium.  I recall a case several years ago where a man declared a legal shotgun at Washington National Airport and found himself surrounded by a SWAT team.  Not a comfortable position.

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